SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has announced today that the London Pub Radio is launching for PlayStation Home.

To quote: Exciting news for music lovers and owners of The London Pub this week, as tomorrow The London Pub Radio (LPR) hits the airwaves - free to all London Pub owners!

Every month LPR will be bringing you new featured bands and artists. First up from LPR are four tracks from Barney, Ben, Graham and Dan: a four-piece London-based band known as 'RedderStare'.

They describe their sounds as "analogue, live, raw and a bit messy, largely because they are all of those things". Find out more about the band here.

That's not all, though... also launching tomorrow will be the LPR website where aspiring musicians will be able to submit their own music for a chance to have their tracks played to an audience of thousands in London Pubs around the virtual world.

The LPR team will choose an artist or band to feature each month. Further details are available on the LPR website, however the most important rules to keep in mind are that submissions must be your own original music and you must not have a signed record contract or publishing deal.

In the Shopping Centre this week, you'll find a new range of Lost Planet 2 costumes and ornaments. Look for the Jungle Pirate and Nevec Soldier costumes - available as individual pieces or bundles, for both male and female - in Alter Ego under the Capcom section. We'll also have Scott Pilgrim t-shirts available for fans of the franchise.

Finally, Home Square will be returning to normal following a hair-raising couple of weeks as an eerie fog-immersed playground for all sorts of monstrous creatures ... and the odd pumpkin.

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