Courtesy of Sony's semi-official blog ThreeSpeech: Christmassy news from SCEE... you'll be gathering round the PlayStation 3 to sing this Christmas.

Press Release: Treat yourself to a Festive Fun SongPack for SingStar® from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Invite your friends around, hang out the mistletoe, serve up some Christmas treats and sing the night away with these five magical Christmas hits, all in one easily downloadable SongPack from SingStore?.

Arriving just in time for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3?) on November 27th - these five festive hits will be sure to spice up any holiday do!

Turn on the Christmas tree lights and switch on your PS3 for an evening of singing and merry-making. Which Festive Fun track will be your favourite on the SingStar mic these holidays? Will you join Babyface for a 'Sleigh Ride' through the snow, or belt out a true 80's holiday classic with Shakin' Stevens 'Merry Christmas Everyone'?

Or, why not get sentimental with Toni Braxton's 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'? Wherever you are, these songs will whisk you away to a world of sleighs, bells and reindeer. Here's what you get in this holiday extravaganza:

- Celine Dion - Christmas Eve
- Toni Braxton - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
- Babyface - Sleigh Ride
- Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime
- Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone

If you're new to SingStar - downloading SongPacks and individual tracks from SingStore is simple: just get your PS3 online, choose 'Online' from the SingStar menu and select 'SingStore' to find hundreds of extra tracks as well as the new range of awesome five-track SongPacks to boost your SingStar experience.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas this holiday season with a Festive Fun SongPack for SingStar. It's a brand-new holiday experience for you, your family and your friends to add to your traditional festive celebrations. More PlayStation 3 News...