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    Save the Snowmen in Final Fantasy XIV's Holiday Celebration Out Today

    Square Enix Senior Online Community Manager Matt Hilton invites fans to save the snowmen in Final Fantasy XIV's holiday celebration which is begins today.

    To quote: With the recent release of A Realm Awoken, the first major content patch for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, we're pleased to introduce a fun seasonal event for players to enjoy.

    The annual Starlight Celebration has returned, and the citizens of the three city-states have done their best to decorate the towns for the occasion. Unfortunately, the snowmen they ordered from the frozen north were kidnapped (Snownapped?) en route!

    Adventurers around the realm must get to the bottom of this chilly mystery and find out why the snowmen have disappeared. Could it be the mischievous imps behind the attacks? Save the snowmen, save the world.

    Those adventurers willing to brave the elements will be rewarded handsomely with new seasonal outfits designed around a snowman, reindeer, and even a set of "red and white" gear that matches a certain someone's outfit... There's even cute reindeer barding to equip your personal chocobo with. The Starlight Celebration will be available until December 31st, 2013, so be sure to join in.

    After you complete the event, be sure to check out a ton of new content that made its debut in patch 2.1 - like four vs. four PvP, a huge new 24-person raid (the Crystal Tower from FF III), new dungeons, extreme versions of the primal battles, daily beast tribe quests, and much, much more.

    Check out the official patch 2.1 Web site and dive into the world of A Realm Reborn.

    Happy Holidays on behalf of the Final Fantasy XIV team!

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    jerran Guest
    this looks like a really fun game and i like to play it is it hackable? and if so where would i get the files to do that?

    please hurry!!

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