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Thread: Samus Comes to PS3, Courtesy of a new UT3 Mod!

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    Samus Comes to PS3, Courtesy of a new UT3 Mod!

    Alcor43 has released a custom skin that players can load up on their PlayStation 3 to play as the star-studded Nintendo mascot. Now you can play as bounty hunter Samus Aran in Unreal Tournament III.

    The model comes complete with an alternate armor set, maskless face, and gun arm.

    Download: Samus Aran v1.0 USERDATA.JAM for PS3 [Right-click, Save As]

    From the ReadMe file:

    How to use this model:

    - Put USERDATA.JAM on the root of a memory stick and plug it into your PS3.
    - Load UT3, go in the Community screen, then under My Content do Import Content.
    - Select the memory stick and follow the remaining on screen procedure.
    - Go back to the title screen, Settings / Player / Customize Character.
    - Samus is within the Ironguard faction.

    Special Note:

    The PS3 doesn't support custom family code as of v1.10. So the Samus model for PS3 is but a stripped down version of her PC counter part. There's no custom animations, physics, FPV hands nor gibs. As soon as a potential patch is released for PS3 that unlocks the family code, I'll release an updated and expanded version of Samus. I released that version in order to keep hackers to convert the model without my permission and release it as their "own model" as it happenned to most of EvilEngine beta releases. I hope this version will please you none the less for the time being. Thank you for your understanding.

    [imglink=|Samus Comes to PS3, Courtesy of a new UT3 Mod!][/imglink]

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    To tell you all honestly.. having Samus owns in unreal

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