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    Starlight Guest

    Rumors: Extra Updates in PS3 Firmware 2.40

    Thanks to reader Ben Torode, we've got a proper translation of this Watch Impress article, detailing a number of new features coming to 2.40 not yet mentioned by SCEA, as far as we know:

    1. The way to quit games has also been modified in line with these changes, and a game can be exited by pressing the PS button during a game and selecting "Game" then "Quit Game" from the XMB.

    2. On the XMB in general, added functions include a clock displayed on the XMB, a function to delete all entered text in the entry field when using text entry with a keyboard, and a function which displays an icon to indicate when operation of the PS button is disabled.

    3. In "Users" under the XMB, an item has been added to power off the PS3 console. Under "Settings", options have been added to automatically power off after a system software update, and "assign controller", "controller vibration function" settings have been added under "accessory settings".

    4. Under "Photos", as well as photos within a playlist becoming printable, when photos are sorted by month or year taken, an ascending and descending order option has been added.

    5. Under "Music", a mini control panel can now be displayed while playing music, as well as "MP3 Surround" being added as a playable file type.

    6. Under "Video", "Frame Noise Reduction" and "Block Noise Reduction" can now be configured for vidoes stored on the HDD or storage media, and upconverting output is also supported. Additionally, Blu-ray Disc upconverting, DVD Video DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 and Blu-ray Disc DTS-ES Matrix playback is supported.

    7. Under "Internet Browser", "Search" has been added to the menu. Under the friends list, the number of friends that can be registered has been increased from 50 to 100, and the information screens of friends redesigned.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    RLKirkland Guest
    Yeah, Luckily alot of this is useful. If I can just get my hands on a game that has trophy support I will have it made ... Wonder if they will change the update number when they fix the issues or keep it at 2.4?

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    DarkArchon Guest
    I would assume that they would need to put a higher number than 2.40 for those people who have their ps3's bricked. They would add more things in the next update than just what has already been put. Perhaps it checks if you have 2.40 already that you dont need to redownload the content that has been released.

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    villmux Guest
    my PS3 seems not to recognize the controllers after about 2 hours of play, i have the 2.4 update... *sigh*

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    codo27 Guest
    I've been encountering some freezing issues since I upgraded to 2.40, mainly when I try to start MGO (though MGS4 hasn't froze yet) and it happened to me with MK2 as well. Not fun, I scarcely had any freezing issues in the 9 months prior since I've had my PS3.

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    m3sport Guest
    I am always getting logged off automaticlly even though I Fios w/ 15/2mb speed. This has only happened since 2.4..

    Hope the update fixes this.

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    racer0018 Guest
    I never got the chance to update to 2.40, but i did get in on the 2.41 and well.. to say the least that mic has been messing up really bad.

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    blk5oh Guest
    I have updated with 2.40 with no problems and as soon as I found out that 2.40 bricked some ps3's I updated to 2.41 as soon as possible. I find the new features in the new updates are very useful.

    I like the clock, helps me keep track of time so I dont play like 6 hours straight and not know it.

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