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Thread: Rumor: Why Cross-Game Chat is Currently Missing on PS3

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    red8316 Guest

    Rumor: Why Cross-Game Chat is Currently Missing on PS3

    Today N4G insider Super_Secret has shared on their boards (linked above) why Cross-Game Chat is currently missing in action on the PlayStation 3 console.

    To quote: I promised you all an update on Cross-Game chat, so here it is. And you're not going to like it.

    As I told you before, Cross-game voice chat has been in the works for a while now. I mentioned last time that it was on target for 3.0 providing that we didn't hit any snags. Well guess what, we hit a snag! An all too familiar snag.

    Time for a history lesson. How many of you remember what it was like before FW 2.4? That's right - no in-game XMB. No custom soundtracks. In-game XMB was the most heavily requested feature at the time and we worked tirelessly in order to get it in (By "we", I mean Sony Japan - as I said before, FW isn't my department).

    It very nearly didn't happen, you have no idea how difficult it is to backport a feature like that onto a system (the game) that doesn't even know its there, but somehow we managed it. Well, for most titles. There are still the odd few titles out there that don't support in-game XMB ("black" titles).

    Custom soundtracks was another one we had working in nearly every title. Obviously it was never going to work in black titles, but about 95% of the titles that worked well with the in-game XMB, had custom sountracks working as well.

    So what happened? Why is it that titles HAVE to be developed specifically with custom soundtrack support when it was working more or less just fine?

    Is it because Microsoft owns the patent on custom soundtracks in games?

    This is something that makes me laugh every time I see one of the less educated ones spouting it off. That's an absolute fabrication. Patents don't matter, Sony as a while infringes upon thousands of patents through the whole company, both hardware and software. If you infringe a patent, you pay royalties to the owner or find a different way of doing the same thing that doesn't infringe. That's it. Microsoft infringes upon all kinds of patents we own but that's up to legal to sort out.

    No, the reason we had to drop Custom soundtrack support like that has nothing to do with Microsoft. It does, however, involve a different company. A rather large company.

    You see, one of their games happened to fall into the 5% that didn't support in-game custom soundtracks. And they did not like this. When they found out that a new firmware update was going to suddenly make one of their games look inferior to just about every other game released, they protested. A lot.

    They threatened everything, from legal action to dropping support for the PS3 all together.

    What could we do? There was almost no way of getting it to work correctly due to the way their game was made (i.e. Poorly) and we certainly couldn't leave a broken implementation in there. That's when the hard decision was made to remove all support for older titles and instead adopt the "opt-in" approach that, to this day, most developers simply ignore.

    I have to hand this to Microsoft - they did their system right from the beginning and by completely separating it from the developers, they have universal support. Its very unlikely that you'll ever see mandatory support for custom soundtracks in games on our system, I'm afraid.

    So yeah, lets nail this on the head: The next time someone starts blaming Microsoft for something the PS3 doesn't have, tell them they're an idiot, they don't know what they're talking about. Are we clear on this? This is a pet peeve of mine because while everyone's happy to go around blaming Microsoft, the real culprits are getting off scott-free.

    Of course, I can't actually name them directly or, should I get caught, I might even get done for slander (you can never be too careful), but you can figure it out - it's not Activision and they have a poor history with the PS3.

    So what has this got to do with Cross-game voice chat? Guess.

    I warned you that we might hit a snag and we did. We've found a couple of titles that just don't like it. Similar to the custom soundtrack fiasco, it can cause lag, crashes, desyncronisation (very very bad when this happens), you name it. It can't be used in these games and it just so happens that some of these games are owned by the same company I've been talking about above.

    So we're in a predicament: Cross-game chat is useless if only certain games support it. It's not too bad if its just the odd one that doesn't like it, but at this rate we'd have to drop support for the ENTIRE back catalogue, which would (As I said) make the whole thing useless.

    Furthermore, we can't rely on developers to implement direct support for it. It didn't work with Custom Soundtracks, so why would it work here?

    So right now, we're trying every little trick in the book to find a solution that works for everyone, but don't hold your breath on this one, so far it looks like the best you're going to get is a gimped implementation of it that only works with a handful of new games.

    Now as I said, FW isn't actually my department and even I'm not supposed to know some of this stuff, but this is actually where we are right now. It sucks majorly, but there you have it.

    Depending on the end result, it could come in FW 3.1 or it could come in FW 4.0, hell it might not even come at all but rest assured they are working very hard on it. And if it doesn't come, you know who to blame.

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    I know the article/author doesn't specifically name the company, but many at N4G are speculating it's Electronic Arts. +Rep though!

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    grudge1981 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I know the article/author doesn't specifically name the company, but many at N4G are speculating it's Electronic Arts. +Rep though!
    Yep sounds like ol' EA to me..

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Yep, they also specifically mentioned the latest Harry Potter game, Order of the Phoenix.. LOL i just read this article earlier today and was thinking about submitting it.. ahh someone bet me to it! red8136

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Enchanted Arms - Ubisoft

    Call of Dudy 3 - Activision

    Ironman - SEGA

    Blacksite: Area 51 - Midway

    Lost Planet - Capcom

    Need for Speed Carbon - EA

    Record of Agarest War - Aksys Games

    These are the alleged titles that don't support in-game XMB.

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    gtxboyracer Guest


    If you read the thread linked to the OP (Original Post) - the guy mentions that its not the just the games that can't access the Ingame XMB - it also includes the ones that load the Ingame XMB sluggish.. some games can only just load it - and not smoothly.. meaning that Cross-Game voice chat would pull on what already low resources are available to the system - and give really terrible results.. such as lagged conversation, being out of sync - possibly also crashing the game as a result of the Voice Chat taking too much ram etc.

    All possibilities.. what he was getting at was the Developer's coding was that shocking but Sony can't cause any trouble with the developer as they don't want to lose the partnership. Would be a loss to Sony...

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    red8316 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by gtxboyracer View Post
    Yep, they also specifically mentioned the latest Harry Potter game, Order of the Phoenix.. LOL i just read this article earlier today and was thinking about submitting it.. ahh someone bet me to it! red8136
    LOL thought I would try posting news for change :-)

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    JesusFMA Guest

    I read this article a little bit earlier at the PS3 Boards and, doesn't seem so interesting to me at all.

    nah, seriously, is it possible to "Mysterious Company" to sabotage the in-game chat development? I don't think so. It's very different when it comes to music, because if you put some of it in the game, is because, either you pay a lot for it, or you want that music to be listen (it's all about business).

    Now, I don't think Sony is scared of this company's "tantrum" haha ... I mean, they didn't give up on the Activision's threats (we even know the response to that ).

    Anyway, I just hope in-game chat to be release soon (unless this "situation" is just an excuse for not to develop the functionality), because it sure will be so useful for me.

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    SquidgyG Guest
    Enchanted Arms (Ubisoft) and NFS Carbon (EA) both support the XMB, but as stated, it runs slower than it should.

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    semitope Guest
    Sony is letting a software company dictate to them what to do with their console? Should just tell them to take a hike because improved features on the ps3 help everyone down the road. Is it the company just sucks too badly to fix whatever was wrong with the way they make their games?

    I really thought this would be activision, another nail in their coffin it would be.

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