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Thread: Rumor: Why Cross-Game Chat is Currently Missing on PS3

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    dud0r Guest
    If it is EA as speculated then i understand sony doesn't want to piss them off, they are a big company and made 60 games for the ps3 already so you don't want to lose something like that.

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    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dud0r View Post
    If it is EA as speculated then i understand sony doesn't want to piss them off, they are a big company and made 60 games for the ps3 already so you don't want to lose something like that.
    Thats just childish of them or whichever company might be doing it. It wouldnt even need to be a feature massively advertised or used extensively for a while giving them time to integrate it into future games and boast of it with everyone else.

    Would the fact that there is no crossgame chat really make someone not buy a game for ps3 at this point? I highly doubt that. We have been playing without it forever.

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    twitch Guest
    Lately I have been buying my games for my 360 just because of cross game chat my friends and I use it every time were on and i catch myself using my PS3 less because of it. Sony better step this up or like my friends and I will be purchasing stuff for the other system..... Its kinda sad I love my PS3 but its lacking key features that should have been there from the start.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Hm.. Activision not responsible? Was that a sarcastic remark as dort of a "It's not Activision *Wink Wink*" or was it serious.

    Well since we already know if it's sarcastic that it is Activision. But I suggest Nintendo if not.

    That was also sarcasm :P

    I'm sure I am not alone in Suggesting Capcom. This has their piss all over it. (Excuse my language).

    The reason don't think it's EA is because they have virtually monopolized on sports games. You can't go around them to play any of the major sports tittles so no other game like the ones they make exists. So they would have to worry about being "Out featured".

    And although the lord knows I hate Activision, more then any other company as a matter of fact. It doesn't sound like them anyway.

    First off Infinity Ward makes the call of duty even numbers (meaning CoD 2, 4, and now 6). They are not going to screw up and make it impossible to use custom sound tracks, and or in-game voice chat, and even if they did it doesn't matter as Call of Duty 4 is said by many to be the BEST First person shooter ever.

    There is also no reason for them to worry about Custom soundtracks of voice chat in a game like Guitar Hero. So that is cut out.

    However Capcom does have a reason for this. And I will explain.

    If it is Capcom then we can assume that games like street fighter 4 will not support in-game voice chat or custom sound tracks. This is a problem because there are TONS of fighting games out there. Most of which many consider better then Street fighter in general. If nearly every single other fighter Supported those features then this could be a problem for them.

    In addition lets look at Mega-Man 9. This is a 8-Bit game running on the PS3. What if I told you games like Metal Gear Solid 4, and Uncharted could run custom sound tracks, AND in-game voice chat. But a game like Mega-Man can't? That would make Capcom look very weak indeed.

    In addition, you have RE5 which is a third person shooter. What if that couldn't handle in game voice chat. I think if Capcom is worried about RE5 they are crazy personally as they have Co-op already. A feature most games don't even try.

    Point is based on how these companies operate and so on. I would guess Capcom is the person to blame, provided this article is true.

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