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Thread: Rumor: Want Cash for PlayStation Home? Collect Trophies!

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    Rumor: Want Cash for PlayStation Home? Collect Trophies!

    There was a rumored meet and greet that took place in the Home closed BETA that released details of PlayStation Home's upcoming release.

    The meet and greet was held by the 3 head's of Home (hosted by Locust_Star and CydoniaX, and also they brought in Tdog) and announced the following:

    - Home will be for use by those only 18+
    - To gain cash in order to purchase things in Home you'll need to collect trophies (Currency System)
    - There will be a random weather generator that produces rain, snow, clouds, sun, etc.
    - The Home Open Beta will begin December 15th or 30th of this year

    Some Home users have called this fake... so like most rumors, this is unconfirmed until it's officially announced. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    What does that mean: "Some Home users have called this fake..."?

    I'm using home, too. I got the beta. But you can't tell if home will have the trophy=money system. They bring on new releases and everything can change in a minute.

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    My guess is some people on the official PS board said it wasn't true, so assuming they are in-the-know, it may not be true. Does anyone here in the private/closed BETA know the inside scoop?

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