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Thread: Rumor: Three Major Game Announcements for PS3 at E3 2009

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    Rumor: Three Major Game Announcements for PS3 at E3 2009

    With E3 just a few months away, gamers around the world are clammoring for news on some hot tips as to what's to come.

    While we can almost guarantee a slew of information is coming for God of War III and Uncharted 2, here are a couple of games that, according to multiple sources, may be in the works.

    Heavy Rain: While this title has debuted at numerous E3's past, word has it that this sure to be gem may have a 2009 release after all. While we certainly won't get our hopes up, it's nice to see it is in the cards.

    Shadow of the Colossus: Here is one we weren't expecting. The sleeper hit of 2005 for the PlayStation 2 is rumored to make its triumphant debut on the PlayStation 3 next year. This news couldn't make us any happier since this is by far one of the most innovative story telling experiences of our time. It is still unclear if this will be a next gen title for PlayStation 3, or a new game for the PSP, our hope is for both.

    TimeSplitters 4: This title was rumored to be in development back in late 2008, however, with the fall of Free Radical, the games release lay in limbo. Has another developer taken the reigns of this franchise for one more go? I think so!

    LittleBigPSP: This little gem is one that we expect to hear more about this E3. While it is not technically a rumor anymore, we can be rest assured that Media Molecule will do their best to tie the two platforms together, allowing for transferrable user content to your favorite handheld.

    We will certainly let you know more as information is released. Please remember, these are all strictly rumor as of now, but our crystal ball holds a little less haze every day.

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    E3 is going to be so amazing this year.. i am highly excited for heavy rain.

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