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    Starlight Guest

    Rumor: Tekken 6 to Have Exclusive DLC for PlayStation 3?

    Word around the net is the the PS3 is going to have exclusive DLC for the upcoming Namco Bandai game, Tekken 6.

    XBox 360 currently has been making a big impact in multiplatform games by purchasing exclusive DLC rights for the Microsoft brand. Much love to their fan base.

    Games like GTA 4, Fallout 3 are great examples of this, making their games the better purchase over PS3; finally, Sony seems like they want in on these exclusive DLC rights, starting with the Mirrors Edge content with EA and Sony's exclusivity rights and now Sony looking foward to try and have the advantage with Tekken 6.

    Tekken 6 has been a long running franchise born on the Sony platform Playstation, so it seem likely this can have some truth to it. Another reason why this might be true is because Tekken 6 will be the first arcade machine to use the notoriously difficult-to-program-for Cell created by Sony that has currently made its home on the PS3.

    This isn't too surprising, considering that Namco always based their arcade units on Sony's home console hardware. That's the reason why Tekken arcade to home conversions were generally better than those of Virtua Fighter.

    Maybe the truth to this is that Sony allowed Namco to borrow their cell processor with the exception that Namco would give exclusive rights for DLC on the PS3.

    The DLC content is rumored to have more characters, more stages, but most importantly, more move sets for various characters. (Lets hope for at least truth to DLC on any platform or better multiplatform DLC) This however, is now up to the loyalty that Namco Bandai has for the PS3, and only time will tell.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    that would be truly awesome, but i doubt it will be that kind of DLC.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest


    I think it's too bad that, (if this is even true) Sony goes and grabs exclusive DLC for games that, I personally could care less about. While Microsoft gets exclusive DLC for games that I own and am more interested in like Fallout 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV.

    I know I could just "buy it on the 360" but I don't own one and I couldn't justify paying $300 just for some downloadable content.

    Oh well... At least each game has Trophy support, which I still need to work on for both. I shouldn't really wine at all until I've got two shiny Platinum Trophies in my collection.

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