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    Starlight Guest

    Rumor: Starhawk for PS3 to Include Single-player Mode?

    Rumor has it Starhawk from LightBox Interactive Studio is planning a single-player mode, at least according to their job listings.

    The development team listed one of the following job responsibilities for a Tech Game Designer, to quote:

    "Implementing mission logic and game rules, also in Lua, in both single- and multi-player environments."

    LightBox Interactive Studio also mentioned single-player on their job listing for Game Designer:

    "Designing and implementing highly-replayable single- and multi-player levels that support a variety of gameplay approaches."

    No words yet on when whatever LightBox Interactive Studio is developing will be revealed to the public. However, the development team recently moved into their new studio and is ramping up production.

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    Darkskyva Guest

    Big Grin cool

    this is cool as hell, that means more game play. yay!!!

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