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    Rumor: Sony's PS2 Emulator Won't Arrive on PS3 Until Late 2010

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    According to PSInsider (linked above), the recently discovered PS2 emulator Sony has added won't arrive on the PS3 console until late 2010.

    While PS3 Firmware 3.15 added support for Sony's PSP emulator to the PlayStation 3, PS2 fans may want to check out Open PS2 Loader for PS3 until fall of next year.

    To quote: "Sony PS2 emulator will probably WON'T be published until end of 2010 (yes, next year) as for this and next year Sony will still supporting all PS formats including PS2.

    The PSP emu for PS3 was meant to be connecting PSPgo / PSP-4000 to PS3 via bluetooth and play via DualShock / Sixaxis so PS3 would just transfer the audio and video.

    Only 'emulating' parts would be allowing PS3 pad control PSP game but calling it emulating it's really nonsense."

    Rumor: Sony's PS2 Emulator Won't Arrive on PS3 Until Late 2010

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    This is definitely good news, and way overdue. I think Sony's continued support of the PS2 has had a negative impact on PS3 sales, particularly in the U.S. where most parents are ignorant of these things.

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    So will this enable all ps3 to play original ps2 games via a firmware ugrade?

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    And why the date is Late 2010? Perhaps the end of PS2 lifecycle..

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    yep I think they pass the ps2 lifecycle and then releasing the ps2 emu for ps3.

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    i knows so much people that wants this thing... and please sony add some options, maybe to play old ps2 games in hd resolution and some filters option. ^^

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    What sucks is for all the people who have launch systems that are all now failing these new systems dont offer me a solution for my PS2 stuff. Cant wait.

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    I can't wait till I can play kingdom hearts finally on hdtv

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    I still don't get if the psp emu works for all games, or just some

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    Quote Originally Posted by nelak View Post
    I still don't get if the psp emu works for all games, or just some
    Right now only Minis work on the ps3. Most likely PSP games won't run on PS3 itself until they retire the PSP or when the rumored PSP2 is released, and even that is unlikely since the PSP2 would probably have BC with the original.


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