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Thread: Rumor: Sony working on break apart motion PS3 pad

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    Rumor: Sony working on break apart motion PS3 pad

    According to reports, Sony is working on a new PS3 controller that can "break apart into two separate units, each of which contains an accelerometer for Wiimote-like motion-sensing functionality."

    Some developers apparently already have working units. Sony has yet to comment on the matter.

    To quote: It's not clear when the pad will be officially announced, but it is believed that working units have already been supplied to certain developer partners, according to sources.

    The potential for new game types to be developed with the additional motion-sensing functionality should open up the PlayStation 3 to the sorts of gaming audiences that the Nintendo has been so successful at gathering with its Wii console.

    Sony Computer Entertainment will therefore hope that, with the ongoing development of the PlayStation Network, the success of Blu-ray as the de facto next generation standard of video, the gradual roll-out of Home later in the year and the release of additional high definition titles over time, it will be able to overwhelmingly position the PS3 as the best all-round home entertainment unit on the market.

    The original controller released with the PS3, the Sixaxis, did contain some motion-sensing ability, although it came at the expense of the popular 'rumble' functionality and was nothing like as free as the movement that the Wiimote offered. The Corporation later released a DualShock pad for the console.

    Sony Computer Entertainment declined to comment on the matter at the time of publishing, although an announcement is expected in due course, with the possibility of an official unveiling at this year's E3 event.

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    rawright Guest
    god i hope capcom has got the controller, and i pray they'll make it compatible with Resident Evil 5!

    they probably do.. i wont be suprised.

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    tmaster Guest
    if and when this come out, we could have more fun wii like games for the ps3. if ever the ps3 is hacked, we could in theory emulate the wii and use this controler for the wii games. haha

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    MetalmanPS3 Guest
    I'm a huge first person shooter fan on pc and just recently on the playstation 3. I bought the Splitfish FragFX, and it rules. but whats interesting is their coming out with a duck hunt like gun, that uses lasers to guide your aiming.

    Their new gun sounds cool but sounds like sony will give them competition if they come out with a wii control. I mean look at the wii guns. Definitely a big year for First Person Shooters

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