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    Starlight Guest

    Rumor: Sony in Talks with Mozilla on FireFox PS3 Browser

    Update: According to PS3Center.net, Mozilla responded and denied the rumor, to quote: "They replied with the following: Nope - not sure how that rumor got started but it's been keeping us busy all day :)"

    According to a rumor from E-mpire.com (linked above), Sony is in talks with Mozilla over the possibility of porting FireFox over to the PS3.

    While this sounds promising, obviously there will be numerous security issues to address if this browser finds its way onto the PS3.

    To quote: "We recently received a tip from a source very close to Sony who says that they have been in talks with Mozilla lately about possibly porting Firefox over to the PS3.

    That said, our source made sure to point out that they were unsure if any deal had actually been reached at this point, but it is great news none the less considering the complaints Sony has been getting about the lack of reliability with their current built in PS3 web browser.

    Throwing Firefox into the mix would give PS3 the ultimate advantage when it came to internet functionality."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Chivafighter Guest
    This is awesome, I Use firefox and its awesome addons. I wonder how the performance would be on the Ps3 though and will we get the full firefox advantage.

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    urworstenemt Guest
    I dont think that would be a bad idea.. its a pretty fast browser.. might speed things up a bit.. never know

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    I'm not shure what to say about the addons, remember that those addons are all centered around a WINDOWS/LINUX interface, and actually would not work on a PS3 interface...

    Probably they would get the mozilla engine, but as things stand right now it would seem a waste of time and resources, as the integrated browser is quite good! With a Flash 10 update and those memory bugs ironed out (the broser tends to lockup on certain sites) I actually don't see the need for Firefox!

    I tend to use the browser quite a lot and I must tell you that I'm pretty happy with it... keep in mind that even if firefox is ported, it would be affected by a lot of bugs in teh beginning so we could get a aven worse browser than actually it is now!

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    rayrodriguez Guest

    Big Grin

    Mozilla FireFox on PS3 Browser will be cool if it happens. look at quality of mozilla firefox, it's just better than any other brower and if it has same features even better for us ps3 users.

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