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Thread: Rumor: Sony Rep Reveals PS3 Backwards Compatibility Plans

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jokr2k10 View Post
    Hardly "Backwards compatibility". Pretty much the only console that has backwards compatibility is the Wii, I don't know of any GameCube games that are not compatible.
    in my opinion it looks as if Wii is following suit with getting rid of BC, what else would be the reason for re-releasing GC games on the in Wii format with Wii controller support.

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    pishcakes Guest


    we still have open ps2 loader..

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    TheDevil Guest
    The truth is that "backwards compatability" is non-existing. Can't put a remastered game into a ps2 that is for sure.

    I don't mind remastering games tho as long as Sony stick to just a few of the good ones. I remember how happy i was when they re-released pc Monkey Island games in a remastered CHEAP edition. I did see the God of war collection and the price made me angry. I already own those game and put down good money for those already once. I realise its a "collection" of games but that is just a excuse. A REAL collection of games you can only get on pc and it includes a good dozen games at least.

    I own a LOT of original ps2 (and ps1 too) games. If i stack em they reach the roof (actually you shouldnt stack em that high as the cases cant handle that, i tried). Anyways, id be really unhappy if Sony & co starts mass re-releasing ALL their games remastered for ps3 at full price. These arnt new game, so treat them like so and sell them at according budget prices at least.

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    tnt2005 Guest
    Nice news, I can't wait for some BC games on my PS3.

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