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    Sony, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Warner Bros., Panasonic and Disney are all founders of the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA), so you'll find Sony had very little to say on the subject.

    But it doesn't stop SD output like people seem to be suggesting, just HD over component connections and none of the older units are affected. I'm normally the first one to point out when Sony do something ridiculous but this isn't one of those times.

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    Still don't understand why would they block (apart of laziness) BOTH BD video and game output ... This is also not good because there is plenty of people recording their PS3 gaming in HD using the component outputs (like via Hauppauge HD USB PVR) or even to broadcast the game matches for various community events live and so on and all this will stop working with new PS3 models.

    So those defending Sony here and telling us to read first prior posting - maybe YOU should read first as I see no a single logical / legal reason behind stopping gaming HD output via component as well as playing my own video library (be it recordings from HD camera or any non BD video file).

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    Because the new AACS spec restricts component output to 480i/576i (depending on region) as a form of content protection, it's why HDMI even exists, you'll not be able to even select HD resolutions for the system menu.

    It's been this way for every device made since December, this shouldn't come as a shock to anyone since it was in the draft spec released years ago.

    An article on the details from feb 2010.

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    People blame Sony for everything ... This is not a bad thing IMO as the majority of users would be using HDMI for their HD content anyway ...

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    At least CFW can save the day! i'm already using 720p on RGB

    But for unmodified use, this will generate a lot of potential buyers for an HDfury3 or alike. (bit pricey though)

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    Not surprised they are making it so component only does SD, after all the component output was basically referred to as the 'analog hole' in which these companies cannot enforce their copyright/DRM protections on. But hey, all good for them, but I guess they haven't heard of a device called HDFury.

    HDMI -> component is very easy to do. I have had the ability to record unrestricted HD from HDMI for a few years now, plus the way I have it setup I don't have to switch video outputs (like you would if you were using HDMI but wanted to record via component). I just record on-demand anytime I want with the help of the HDFury2 and a HDMI splitter.

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    downgrade ? what do you mean by that , doesn't component output even 1080p, why downgrading ?

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