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Thread: Rumor: Sony to Region-Restrict New PS3 Games Using SDK 3.50

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    So Sony should can do this region lock, cool, so I've to get my games which are tagged with EUR in it ... what an afford.

    And for the game importers / exporters out there, should be a really problem, if nobody from GER and AT can play US / UK Versions of a game.

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    victorinox Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by weii View Post
    If they are really doing this, is probably to boost certain region's game sale, so that, say people in Europe, will be paying full price for their version of games rather than buying slightly cheaper US version and be able to play them on their console.
    That's not really a factor... a Lot of people from EU keep complaining about Castle Crashers not coming over even though they could easily import a US psn card/trade someone. Also a lot of their games are not that different in price... Dead Rising 2 cost less than Dead Rising 2 in the US and they had a bluray deal with it at a store...

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    saviour07 Guest
    I'm just concerned because I have a Jap launch 60GB but live in the U.K, so if this becomes a standard which is enforced then I would only be able to play Jap games and not buy games from my local shops!

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    cerebra1 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    GT5 will be REGION locked. Watch my words!
    Well we here in Australia hope you're right because mod-chips for ps2 were legalised here for that very reason. Region locks were seen as unfair to the consumer.

    Furthermore, it could be argued that it might have been for lack of that reason (lack of region locks), that the JB was recently banned for ps3s and re-introducing region locks might be a reason to lift the ban!

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    Stonergig Guest
    i wish i had time to unlock the ps3.. hopefully one day someone will before its too late.

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    iavais Guest
    I was initially an x-box360 fan although i still own an xbox but shifted to a ps3 because psn was free and ps3 is not region locked.Where i live (Pakistan) games take around 2 weeks to come and cost around $90 and imagine a country like pakistan where the minimum wage is $80.

    Anyway since here we have games coming from different regions it makes ps3 so convenient and now it just angers me that what sony is or will do. I mean this way you are turning away potential customers. The image that sony had is deteriorating and its as if sony does not care about us at all.

    My conclusion is that both microsoft and sony are the same.they are exploiting us and no one can teach them a lesson.They will get what they deserve i am sure of it.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    give up sony.. perhaps if your games werent so dam expensive.. $100 and even more in some cases in australia.. if they were say $20 each for new releases im sure you would sell a lot more copies, have gamers respect and make the same if not more profit...
    EXACTLY! I've been saying this for years and nobody has listened. They are just a bunch of greedy b'tards.

    I find it really funny when I get a pirated iPhone App and it has a soppy anti-piracy popup "we are a small dev company that need to feed our family so dont pirate this app". WTF? The same app on the android market is free... When I see that popup its more of an incentive to find a working pirated copy, not buy it.

    What I'm trying to say is the less anti-piracy and cheaper price make games/apps more appealing.

    Want to stop piracy? Drop the price, and make it actually worth buying.

    If $ony want to stop piracy then drop the prices of games. $100+ is way too high. $20 and I would be buying a game every week. (oh, wait I do buy games every week. They are called 2nd hand games and they are $20)

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    BwE Guest
    i don't see the drama, xregistry holds the region settings.

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    Whateverwhateve Guest
    Is Sony TRYING to piss their entire customer base off or something? Seriously, with all the lawsuits and modchips and that OtherOS lawsuit still pending they actually feel they need to give us MORE reasons and justifications to hack the system? Are they out of their damn minds?

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    DJTommy812 Guest
    this rumor won't be true because that will be bad for business.

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