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Thread: Rumor: Sony to Region-Restrict New PS3 Games Using SDK 3.50

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    robg1983 Guest

    Big Grin

    What are these dumbasses doing? Really?!! GO HACKERS, we're with you all the way!!

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    YadoMan Guest
    Mathieulh is wrong, this is not new. Just like with PSP, PS3 publishers have always had the ability to region lock their games; they never did. This is not a new feature, it has existed since the first ps3 firmware. There is nothing to suggest that they are about to start using it now; they would only give additional justification and incentive to hackers.

    Excerpt from from the SCEE PS3 FAQ: "PLAYSTATION 3 software is not restricted by region. The majority of games purchased in another country will work on any PLAYSTATION 3 system. However, the decision to make games region specific is made by the publisher of each title and as a result, some games may not work on a PLAYSTATION 3 system purchased in a different country."

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    elser1 Guest
    what a bunch of fools sony are.. oh well i guess if you were so inclined to "pirate backup games" as i'm sure a few out there,surely not many, are i guess you could take a trip to the local video store and rent your region copy of the game and back it up instead of downloading.. if that's how they do it.. LOL

    give up sony.. perhaps if your games werent so dam expensive.. $100 and even more in some cases in australia.. if they were say $20 each for new releases im sure you would sell a lot more copies, have gamers respect and make the same if not more profit...
    mr sony, if i saw you crossing the street, i would not apply my brakes.. you greedy people.

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    tilla Guest
    Yah, calling shenanigans on this, Sony has said from day one region lock is available for studios, just nobody has chosen to. This changes nothing.

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    heartagram62 Guest
    Well if this is implemented by SONY officially, I give up with them! I have had SONY's back through all the Jailbreak stuff but this would be the final straw for me as I like to play imported games from time to time. Go on SONY! Push more peole towards the Jailbreak!!!

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    Mantagtj Guest
    The only people that do suffer is the europeans cus games are released in the US on Tuesdays usually and Friday in the UK, so that means I will have to wait longer if they do proceed to do this, but, as a fellow PS3'er said "IT WILL MAKE US MORE DETERMINED TO FIND LEVEL ONE $$ONY SO BEWARE!!"

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    humi Guest
    c'mon guys... when/if a game with region restriction gets released then you can rant around... jeez

    calm down...

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    weii Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
    Why do this now? This doesn't stop booting of backups/copying. All we'll do is wait for a proper release for our region if we have to.
    If they are really doing this, is probably to boost certain region's game sale, so that, say people in Europe, will be paying full price for their version of games rather than buying slightly cheaper US version and be able to play them on their console.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    $ony can do whatever they want, hackers will always find a way to reverse the sh!t, games that require fw 3.42 didn't stop anything, let's see the games running on 3.50!

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    B4rtj4h Guest


    GT5 will be REGION locked. Watch my words!

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