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    He should of accepted. Bet they would of paid him double what he is getting now.

    Screw geohot he wouldn't care about anyone else with his ego.

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    Who cares? The hackers can't do anything about piracy, the only thing they could do it block psn, but the scene groups stay active.

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    It is written so unprofessional that email. And in buisness email addresses there will never be a _ like susan_mcrae.

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    respect for that reply mate...

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    yup exactly, they cant do anything but block psn, even then, we still find ways to access it.

    its the oldest trick in the book, throw bait and wait for the hook to pull, that's what sony is trying to do to these hackers. Its actually very amusing to read.

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    lol had they used this tone from the start maybe they have geohot working for them right now and everything else in the world will be unhackable from then onwards!

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    comapanys contact often hacker over email, because it's often the only way to contact them.

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    Any 'hacker' who accepts would be a fool. First Sony shits on them and now they want their help? Yeah right. Though I'm sure there are some sellouts who don't see the big picture who would accept.

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    seems real to me:

    Mind you given his skill set it's more likely they are trying to recruit him for either for an android project or some sort of cloud based application project (for either xperia play or possibly NGP).

    And it is very common for people to be recruited via email in exactly this fashion.
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    I checked wth Sony. It is not a fake.

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