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Thread: Rumor: Sony making unique Trophies Mandatory in 2009

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    Rumor: Sony making unique Trophies Mandatory in 2009

    According to an anonymous development source, Sony will be making the inclusion of trophies mandatory with the release of each new PS3 title going forward in 2009. Doesn't sound too far fetched to us, considering that trophies are essentially Sony's answer to Xbox 360 achievements.

    What's interesting, though, is that Sony may be requiring a certain level of variation in regards to trophies. Meaning, if a third-party dev studio is working on a multi-platform project for both PS3 and Xbox 360, they won't be able to simply recycle all of the same challenges in each version of the title.

    To quote: While not every game may include Trophies for now, at least one major developer tells Joystiq that Sony's answer to Achievements will be "mandated" by Sony for every new PS3 release in 2009.

    This isn't entirely unexpected given recently-revised comments by PSN director of operations, Eric Lampel. What's more interesting, however, is that the developer, which is currently working on an early 2009 release, is also hearing that Sony may be enforcing some measure of uniqueness between spoils earned on its console versus the Xbox 360.

    Commented to developer, "We've heard some things that make it sound like we will have to do some unique to PS3 Trophies...this is all very new to us." While unconfirmed, we can't wait to see to what extent Sony will try to separate its virtual accolades from those on the Xbox 360, or if the idea will simply be enough to make completionists' heads implode.

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    Dbenge Guest
    The only reason I can see why it would be require, is sony needs to compete with microsoft what would be other reasons for it?

    And also would it include the PSN download games that aren't full games?

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    jabberosx Guest
    well either ways. It will be good for us.. I am still waiting for a game to come out with trohies support so i can start adding em and comparing with my pals.. its going to be sweet.

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    forzanerazz Guest
    Well the trophies really made SSHD a new game for me. Im glad Sony is finally pushing the devs around a bit. Its not that hard of a feature to implement and as said before, it is in their best interest in the end.

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    jp23 Guest
    its better for us. i can show my friends all the trophies i got in all those games and compare them

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