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    I also doubt that there will be a new PS3. Hardware changes are expensive. Maybe they will give customers more choices in the color but that will be it.

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    never really understood the point of slimlining the consoles, the heandhelds sure but not the consoles. personally it make no difference to me whether or not my ps3 is as big as it is now or halfing the size as long as it does what i bought it to do.

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    it looks ugly for me, btw sony dont need to do slim ver anyway

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    sure it might look sexy but whats wrong with the ps3 we all have? plus this will probably just cost more.. I dunno about this one

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    Let's not forget that the reason Sony dropped the PS2 compatibility was cost and reliability. They were already losing something like $100 per console sold (maybe it was more). Between warranty claims and the deficit, it made sense for them to do something.

    Now they've done one price cut, and that was a good thing. I don't know if they're still losing money, but I'm sure as they come up with better and cheaper ways to produce the unit, we'll see another price cut, and eventually that slim unit everybody's talking about.

    I've only had my PS3 for about a month or so... it's the newer 80 gig model. I put a 250 gig drive in it and am having a blast. I still have my PS2 hooked up in the bedroom, and use it to play SSX and some other games from time to time. It'd be nice if my PS3 would play PS2 games, as the wireless controllers would sure be nice. But oh well. I'd rather have a reliable unit without the backwards compatibility than one I'd worry about going south, and then not being able to get it repaired and have to take one that isn't compatible.


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