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Thread: Rumor: PSN Subscription Fee Possible for PS3 Users?

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    Rumor: PSN Subscription Fee Possible for PS3 Users?

    Rumor has it that Sony may be considering a PSN subscription fee.

    Not a subscription fee for access and online (ala Xbox Live) but a fee that gives you all you can eat access to PSN games be they for PSP or PS3.

    To quote: This isn't a new idea (Sony Asia polled its customers in early 2008 about such a thing- pics below) but scuttlebutt is that they are asking AGAIN. Hmmm.

    $10 dollars per month for 5 or 6 games out of the complete library? Games must 'check in' to see if you are a current subscriber or they just don't play. Maybe bump it to $20 and you get movie streaming to boot?

    What do you think? Would you be willing to pay a fee to get access to all PSN games (esp considering if PSP Go! is real all future PSP games will be ON PSN).

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    ultrachez Guest
    Just took the survey. Didn't seem like it was directed towards ps3 owners, psp owners more like it. Personally, I wouldn't mind a game rental service if the game library is good and a couple of movies are made available too.

    I don't think sony will make it compulsory to get a subscription. That would hurt them more than us.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    when i began to read the article i was ready to burst with rage

    thank god its a misleading title really, from what i understand from it all it seems like a good idea.

    however i still have a few questions, and i guess we can only speculate the answers but... would you get the game until you felt like you needed to be rid of it to free up HDD or would you only get it for a small period of time?

    if its the latter then i dont think it would benifit me (so lets hope it isnt compulsory) i like to take my time with games, being a busy person i cant afford to play it all night long, i like to do little bursts every now and then

    wouldnt it take an age to download a full ps3 game?
    i have never tried because i always assumed in my low internet area (the best they can offer is 1MB) it would take days to download one

    but until it comes i guess we can only guess whats going to happen

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    saviour07 Guest
    I agree that the survey seems pretty psp focused rather than ps3 focused;
    that idea coupled with the psp go and its "no umd" feature, seems to me sony are thinkin of ways to delivery games to propective buyers of the new psp when they do purchase one

    in theory, seems like a really good idea (especially that 6month/$14.99 offer) if you are thinkin bout gettin the new psp

    a delivery system for the psp system has not been released yet so we could b seeing the beggining of what sony are planning to do with the psp...

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    GameWinner Guest
    im glad that its just a misleading title, but if a subscription does come out ill pay for it.

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    victorinox Guest
    i like the concept, ESP if its for things like "add ons" i didnt really see that mentioned just "games" since the disgaea DLC alone is 60 bucks =3

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    It seems like the idea is leaning towards psp owners but if they did this for ps3 they would have to 1. increase the amount of games and cost, Sony would never charge $10 for 5 games and movies aren't even included yet so I'm gonna say this won't happen anytime soon.

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    saviour07 Guest
    i think alot of people would agree that if this service does come to ps3 that they would be willing to use it

    something mexicodude said sparked a question inside me... where's the european video service for ps3?

    its been out in the US for how long now with nothin mentioned for the rest of us here in england, or europe for that matter!

    last i heard, they were trying to sort out the international copyright laws or somethin??

    *i know its off topic, but i just had to ask it!*

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    jaydee6 Guest

    Fee rumors

    I hope its not true. Thats an advantage PS3 has over 360.

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    tmaster Guest
    this is bad form from sony, this means you will probably need a credit card to pay this subscription.

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