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Thread: Rumor: PSN ID Changes Coming for PlayStation Plus Subscribers?

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    See, you kind of proved my point with what I was saying originally.

    I understand now, that the PSN ID will always be the same. However, as you said, I would still have to take the time to check that person's PSN ID to even know if it was the same person or not, instead of just seeing the name and moving on.

    This doesn't just apply to Home either. This could be for any type of online game. Say you're in a match in Fat Princess where some guy keeps sabotaging your castle with worker bombs. You decide you don't want to play with him again and leave any game he's in.

    He takes the hint, then changes his screen name. Now I may be in another game with the same guy, but don't find it out until he starts blowing us up again...

    Again, being able to change screen names just makes it easier for annoying people to be more annoying.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this, but mine remains the same. I don't think it's a good idea.
    Now I'm not an authority on this subject, but we could develop the mindset that not every person is belligerent whose out to ruin everyone's day. That and we kinda have to accept that those people exist and we can either leave or ignore them.

    Besides I'm not sure how it works in Fat Princess but how can I guy keep joining your game, and if hes essentially virtually stalking you, it might be a good idea to message the guy and figure out why. Besides how much fun would you really have if you had to keep leaving games cause one idiot showed up?

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    tjay17 Guest

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    This is hardly something that screams plus to me.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ProSkillz21 View Post
    Besides I'm not sure how it works in Fat Princess but how can I guy keep joining your game, and if hes essentially virtually stalking you, it might be a good idea to message the guy and figure out why. Besides how much fun would you really have if you had to keep leaving games cause one idiot showed up?
    If you've ever played Fat Princess, it would make a lot more sense to you.

    In FP, you can't 'ban' someone out of a game. They do that so people can't cheat the scoring system. And because of the way servers match up people based on rank and ping, you often find yourself in games with the same people. Also, in FP, you can't check their PSN ID. You only see their screen name.

    I've actually had the described situation happen before. I kept getting in match after match of the same guy sabotaging our castle over and over. I eventually just left any game he was in. He wasn't 'stalking' anyone, it was just what he was doing in every game.

    Trust me, there's tons of people like that. They have nothing better to do than annoy other people. And yes, they will continue on for hours doing it. If you haven't run into anyone online like that, then you've been extremely lucky.

    FP is just one example. There's quite a few other online games I play where I've had similar situations happen. In most online games, you "silence" a person from talking to you, but rarely can you actually keep them out of your games. For some reason, Sony doesn't like it's players to have the ban-hammer.

    However, that's the reason I like permanent names, because it's easy to pick those people out. When someone can change their name, you have no idea if you're starting another game playing with the same jerk you have before.

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    Ok but currently you see the person PSN ID, because we can't change it yet. I don't really play games like fat princess, I own it but I might have been online only once, and in the games I play, while you usually can't kick people they usually incur some penalty for hindering their team, such as a delayed spawn timer or something along those lines. Now I'm running under the assumption again that in FP you can join games currently in progress. If that's the case and you keep getting into games with the annoying player, and your hell bent on not ignoring him, unfortunately your probably gonna have to give the game a rest, since it looks like you guys are pretty much always gonna end up in the same room.

    On a side note, you have to understand why sony doesn't let you ban people from the games your in. It would make matchmaking impossible. eventually you would have matches with the same exact people, if you were lucky, because all other matches would result in two people with a ban on each other in the same lobby. Besides theoretically in the majority of these situations, the person isn't actually breaking any rules.

    Are they being a douche? Yes, but are they actually breaking any rules? No. Even in fat princess the big bomb has that programmed into it, in that it is a risky device because it can kill teammates, but that has to be in the game for balance, or else you would just see every single person grabbing and using those and the potions everywhere. All you can do in this case is hope that your team is good, and you can still essentially win with one man down, or if you know someone is gonna be a douche, don't build the advanced worker hat machine.

    Getting back on point, you shouldn't quit the game just because of one person who you might have played before. If you played a douche and they messed you up and he decides to change his screen name, well that means he has to exit the game go through the process and come back in. During this time you can hopefully start a decent game without him. And honestly, if it was more then a couple days ago, you are better off just starting with a clean slate.

    Its not worth even reminding yourself what the other guy did because quite simply its a game meant to bring you some amusement. Its not supposed to cause you to stress YOURSELF out to no end. Sometimes people have a bad day and they make stupid choices, but you shouldn't punish them and yourself for extended periods of time because of it. Quite frankly its just not worth it, and its unhealthy. Besides we've all experienced these players and we will continuously experience players that ruin the experience. Wether its players that are douche, team-killers, or just plain suck and give away where you are, you have to learn to ignore them and play with these added disadvantages.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    While I do agree with the majority of what you've said, this is just my opinion and my play style.

    I do play games to have fun and enjoy them. When I can avoid people that cause me grief, I do. And that's the way I see this name change policy. It makes it easier for the 'douches' to be 'douches'.

    This will be my last post on the matter, as I'd just be going in circles and repeating myself with more examples of the like. Thanks for the discussion though ProSkillz21.

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