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    Apr 2005

    Rumor: PSN to charge for PS3 Themes?

    To quote from Sam Fletcher: Browsing my Hong Kong PSN account today, I noticed that the Dark Mist theme cost money to download. $7.00 HKD, translates to $0.89 USD (or £0.45) but thats still a lot more than downloading the themes for free.

    X-Box 360 users already pay a dollar or two for themes, and maybe now Sony are following suit.

    Whether this will become a trend followed by the other stores is yet to be seen, but maybe all official themes from now on will come with a price.

    Oh well, I'll stick to the classic XMB wave, or failing that, a user made theme. :P

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    Well if this is so, then it would be rather 'cheap' on Sony's part if you ask me....If they can provide consumers with services such as PSN for free (think about the worldwide networking infrastructure that they have built for this purpose), charging a dollar or two here and there for petty themes is quite 'cheap' I think...

    Yes, it would probably be reasonable if the theme was some kind of a 'special collector's edition' or something, but otherwise, I think themes should remain free...

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    blu9987 Guest
    Thats pretty sad on sony's part... Oh well even if they do start charging for themes, its not that hard to make our own...

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