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Thread: Rumor: PSN Cards to Come to Europe in October

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    Rumor: PSN Cards to Come to Europe in October

    Several sites are reporting a rumor today that PSN Cards will finally be coming to Europe on October 1, 2009.

    To quote: October 1st will be an important day for Sony. With the launch of the PSP Go and the much-awaited Gran Turismo PSP already confirmed for that day, now it's been reported that the same day what European PSN users have been clamoring for years will be finally released: PSN pre-paid cards.

    While we're labeling this as rumor since it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, the timing of release makes it seem very likely, given that the download-only PSP Go launches on the same day, it makes sense for pre-paid cards to accompany it.

    We'll keep you informed when Sony finally confirms the rumor.

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    PSN cards = full acces PS STORE?!

    This could be great news, because along with the PSN prepaid cards, there could be the possibility to allow full access to countries that don't currently have full access to the PS Store. Istead of paying with Credit Cards pay with prepayed PSN cards and voila.. problem solved!

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Yep i'd rather head out to my local ebgames and grab a PSN card rather than get a credit card just so I can buy stuff on PSN. Hopefully these will be made available in Australia as well.

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    sharks Guest
    This is truly excellent news! I've just signed to a petition on the EU PS official forum to pressure Sony to notice our interest in getting the prepaid cards for EU. And here it is! The rumor at least!

    I am quite confident that we're going to see the EU PSN prepaid cards, as the article says, it makes perfect sense that Sony will release it since PSP Go relies very heavily on the prepaid PSN card, since Sony must be aware of the severe limitations on EU PSN buyers, most of whom would rather pay with a store-bought prepaid card than apply for, or use their credit card, which can quite tricky sometimes, as the billing address must exactly match what you type in, or the transaction is simply invalidated by the PSN store security.

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    justMaD Guest
    many shops threatened to boycott the psp-go, because they couldn't sell games for it anymore, that's why they get at least pre-paid cards now.

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    mrgreaper Guest


    there is another angle to this story, look at the card pictured "full length movies, tv shows" ? could these be coming to psn?

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