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Thread: Rumor: PS3 US Shipments Now on the Verge of Being Seized

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    Madpacman Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moja View Post
    I was thinking this same thing today - about the aspect of the closed system being fruitful through developers who have to trust the platform. I personally don't blame them for getting upset, but I DO think they're being overly aggressive. We'll see what their hardware approach is soon.
    Don't care they need to try harder!!! The laws aren't preventing anything the greed is.

    I understand fully but I know that if too company's want something it can happen overnight. As I told the last person stop trying to defend this lameass company.

    Everything they've done up to now has not worked and they continue with same strategies thats given Nintendo and Microsoft huge sells. And since this is about SONY being removed from the shelves good riddance. I've got two PS3 and lots of old PS2 games to use.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Ok - so can you tell us / explain:

    1. How come there are still new games being developed (and most of all SOLD in large numbers) for all other ages ago hacked consoles (not even mentioning PCs)?

    2. Where exactly do you expect to Developers to move to as there is NO other (widely spred) gaming platform (both console and PC / MAC) not being hacked? Or do you expect them to move to another profession??

    Quote Originally Posted by saviour07 View Post
    Sony relies on other companys (read: Developers) to make money and keep that product successful
    Ever heard of In House development / 1st party games?

    Indeed - not every game is developed like that but a sizeable amount of top titles is and after that other developers will jump on the bandwagon (or simply stay) anyway.

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    croft72 Guest
    First of all you are barking up the wrong tree. I was stating the way I felt about their way of handling last year's situation. Ever since the Super NES days I have always been one to purchase US, UK or Japanese games or systems and still do with my hard earned money. I own a Japanese 60gig PS3 that is not modified in any way.

    I understand what you were saying about seeing all of this from Sony's side as well as the consumer's side. The thought running Linux on the PS3 was an awesome idea to me so when they decided to remove it then of course I wasn't pleased especially since I payed $600 for the system at launch.

    If 90% of the people all have JB PS3's then I'm part of the 10% who don't. The reason I've been visiting this site since 2006 is because its always been on top of everything for games and systems more than many other sites would. Whether it was covering news about legit or modified subject matter for any of these consoles I was and still do find it interesting. I am not trying to make an argument or conflict about this.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I don't mind answering questions, even if you are being sarcastic about it. After thinking about both questions, I don't think they are mutually exclusive and can be answered in the same breathe...

    The fact is that just because a console is hacked doesn't mean that 100% of people who buy that console will actually hack it or even pirate games for it, so developers will continue to make games for profit.
    I don't believe piracy kills a consoles life and so dev's are going to continue to work with it until it becomes unprofitable - think psp.

    The point I was making though is that "wishing doom" on Sony and hoping that these seizures stick will affect all consumers because if there is no PS3's being sold (or the console is banned entirely) then why would developers want to make games for it, and even those that choose to will not make it to a standard of quality such as Metal Gear 4, Killzone 2/3, Uncharted etc.

    I don't expect game developers to move profession because of console's being hacked or PC games being bypassed, but I don't expect them to make a quality game for that platform once it has been hacked for a smaller profit - and I think that kind of questioning displays the same narrow mindedness and quite possibly lack of common sense when it comes to an issue where there isn't a definitive answer.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    lol ban the console? do you guys even listen to your selves?

    This kind of think happens all the time, its just your normal run of the mill patent dispute. Nothing is going to happen at all that affects consumers

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    saviour07 Guest
    I did say that initially...

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