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    shummyr Guest
    Its going to take a lot of finiacial loss to happen before sony cleans up there game.

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    gear323 Guest
    I have to agree. I used to be a die hard Sony fan. I have a bunch of Sony products. But these days Sony is acting like a bunch of spoiled children. I will never, I repeat NEVER buy a Sony product again. I hope LG wins and I also hope that all Sony TVs and PS3s get pulled from the stores in addition to new shipments getting seized.

    Sony needs a wakeup call. What they are doing is against the constitutional rights of US citizens. I hope that once they lose the case with Geohot tons of people sue Sony for invasion of privacy and also sue for the removal of Linux. This judge that is handing out IP addresses to Sony needs to read the constitution again.

    The removal of Linux on the PS3 was the removal of an advertised feature. Last time I checked false advertisement is against the law in the USA. I’m really concerned about this. How can any company get away with this? It is a no brainer that what Sony is doing is unlawful and they should be punished. The argument that you do not have to update your firmware (and thus can keep Linux) is not valid. In order to even play new games offline you need to upgrade your firmware.

    Also, the PS3 is a computer. We should be able to install whatever we want on our computer after we buy it. Could you imagine buying a new Dell computer and having Dell’s lawyers after you for installing the Firefox internet browser on it when it came with Internet Explorer? Or better yet, maybe Ford should tell everyone that bought a car with air conditioning that in order to continue to drive it on public roads they are going to remove your air conditioning.

    Once we buy a product it is ours to do what we want with it. I think Sony has the right to block / ban cheaters from PSN and also should have the right to ban someone that they proved to be pirating PS3 games but that is it. If someone wants to copy the games that they bought and run them from a backup manager then that is their business and Sony should not be able to ban them sue them etc.

    The Jailbreak that GeoHot released gave people freedom to do what they want with their product that they bought. As with all freedom of choice, some people will do evil thing with the freedom that they were givin. But for CHRIST SAKES, DON’T PUNNISH THE HONEST GOOD PEOPLE THAT ARE DIE HARD FANS!!

    Sony lost another customer... I hope they lose many more.

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    whinis Guest
    I unlike most people are rooting for sony for the stupid reason that if sony falls they will not point to LG or the patents or the multiple lawsuits. They will go " SEE, PIRACY KILLED SONY first the psp and then the ps3."

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    NTA Guest
    will more people want ps3 consoles if they start to diminish from the stores?

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    HACKDEPS3 Guest
    was it a group of people that decided to take off ps3 os or was it one guy? i want to know if they are still working at sony and why i never understand why the took it off in this first place and when i updated it when i had the os i lost a lot of files that i could never get back.

    that was underhanded by sony i belive if they work on geting the os back and open it back up then they would be loved again.
    i see the time now that systems like ps3 xbox ect, is outdated why do we burn our time with the ps3 when the computer can do every thing and a lot more ps3 is a computer that is turned off think about it.

    if sony don't step back up and starting offering the old things like the os then i don't see any reason for any one to want another game system unless the game console came with its own display that can project on all 4 walls and that would be different than a computer.

    this will be the next best thing and when some one get rich with my idea well just buy me a house and give the 4 wall display system i'll be happy. ok to explained a little what i'm talking about think about the movie gamer and you can turn and see behind you with out using the game pad.

    this is the next step in gaming platforms and will be worth buying.

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    fabian9907 Guest
    I won't really care what happens next as long as the ps3 lasts long enough for Beyond Good and Evil 2, and Twisted Metal.

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    anulu82 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Cyrus View Post
    You know a company is seriously doing something wrong when their customers (& former customers) are wishing doom upon them.
    100% agreed. a few years ago i'd give anything, to be an owner of a Bravia TV with a PS3. the PS part came true. now? i really don't care about Sony. why? because they don't care about their customers, just want to sue everybody, who tuoches their "precious" PS3.

    i'm sure that my next console won't be from $ony.

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    elser1 Guest
    so it's fine for sony to pirate things when it suits them... i will also doubt my next console will be from sony... many years of loyaly to this brand is now gone. i thougtht all this sony bagging was just typical smartass human nature but now i see it righteous and just...

    it would suck though if ps3 was banned. no more games... could we take sony to court for selling "stolen" property and gain a full refund.. LOL

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    Madpacman Guest

    Doom Gloom Looms on Sony

    Yes I was once a fan of PS3 but they have lied about the upcoming merchandise. Said we would get more PS1 games and we have not. They favor the Japanese market and they get all their favorite games while we get crap games.

    Where are all the PS1 and PS2 hits that we loved. Why take away backwards compatibility? I don't care about a hacker you took away the OtherOS option!

    I left for XBOX360 a year ago and saw no reason to go back until it was hacked and I hacked mine in anticipation of the emulators. I want Bust a Groove, Poy Poy, Pocket Fighter (Bout Time they added it), Trap Gunner, Rival Schools and many more. Really I only buy 1 to 3 games a year. I wish Sony Doom and Gloom!!!

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    saviour07 Guest
    Gear323 all of your post was about how Sony removed OtherOS capabilities from the system... a year ago this month! This thread is about Sony allegedly infringing on LG patents leading to PS3 seizures... keep your posts related to the topic please!

    Hypocritically slightly off topic... everyone is hating on Sony at the moment because they're trying to protect their IP (intellectual property), I don't agree with their methods such as suing every known hacker related to the PS scene or demanding ISP's to release IP addresses etc, but they are only doing something which you would do if your product was in a similar situation.

    So "wishing doom" on Sony is pretty narrow minded, but also pretty stupid because this will directly affect developers decisions on making games and indirectly affect you (someone who I'm assuming has bought the PS3 system) because it will mean no more new games.

    OtherOS and homebrew... or new quality games... decisions, decisions?
    Quote Originally Posted by Madpacman View Post
    Said we would get more PS1 games and we have not. They favor the Japanese market and they get all their favorite games while we get crap games. Where are all the PS1 and PS2 hits that we loved.
    Madpacman There are licencing issues and other legal related stuff that comes with re-releasing classic ps1 games and i strongly recommend you read this article: eurogamer.net/articles/2011-01-31-sony-emulating-psone-games-takes-ages

    But finally (and on topic), I don't actually believe that this situation is something which Sony will want to continue for too long and will in all likeliness buy out the licences for the patents it has supposedly infringed so it can continue to sell it's systems and continue to make money, which as a business is your first priority, all the while they will probably seek an investigation into the validity of LG's claims.

    Short term, Sony will lose a lot of money, but long term Sony are a big company with a consistent bottom-line and will be able to recuperate.

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