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Thread: Rumor: PS3 Slim to Launch in Europe on September 2, 2009

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    Rumor: PS3 Slim to Launch in Europe on September 2, 2009

    The day just wouldn't be complete without some additional PS3 Slim details, rumors, hype or speculation... now would it? :p

    Today (linked above) is reporting that the PlayStation 3 Slim is rumored to make a September 2nd launch, with an official announcement coming on August 18, 2009.

    This roots from Elios83 of NeoGAF who states, to quote:

    "I've heard from retail sources, which have been absolutely reliable in the past that PS3 Slim will launch throughout Europe on September 2 at 299?, official announcement at the GamesCon. We'll see but considering the same sources have been spot on for two years in a row (40GB+price cut and 80GB) I personally don't doubt them ;)"

    Based on that, the Examiner speculates that as Gamescon takes place during mid-August Sony may include the PS3 Slim announcement during their 3-hour long press conference on August 18th.

    Of course only time will tell for certain, however, NeoGAF is usually on top of things in the gaming realm so here is to hoping this rumor pans out!

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    red8316 Guest
    "... Gamescon a new trade fair highlight for interactive games and entertainment, which will be taking place August 19th-23rd ..." per For those who were wondering when that was. I'll be very interested to see if Sony makes an announcement.

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    DrFrankenstein Guest
    I still can't believe everyone thinks this is a real PS3, the plastic is cheap and nasty not something Sony would produce.

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    teadiddy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DrFrankenstein View Post
    I still can't believe everyone thinks this is a real PS3, the plastic is cheap and nasty not something Sony would produce.
    I think it's just a bad picture, with the flash. The plastic looks similar to the original PS2. It also looks bad because it's not assembled, but in the video it doesn't look so bad.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DrFrankenstein View Post
    the plastic is cheap and nasty not something Sony would produce.
    Eg. psONE, ps2 "slim"

    These used a cheap plastic also.
    The "fat" PS3 (current models) were obviously designed with style in mind and apparently the overall design was influenced by the "spiderman" font (

    Everyone knows that sony have been losing money on every console sold and it is understandable that even after removing hardware from under the console in later versions (eg. backward compatability) the price was only dropped to reflect those changes.

    So for a further cost saving strategy it is believable that a fresh design with *cheaper* materials for the casing would produce what is being shown here - the ps3 "slim".

    Im not saying that i believe the ps3 "slim" to be a real product or not, just that the idea that it would look somethin similar to the images posted isn't that far of a stretch of the imagination, and the "cheap and nasty" plastic is a means of appealing to a new, unconverted audience which have so far been reluctant because of the price.

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    JesusFMA Guest
    mmmmm I really have my doubts about this...

    I don't know if this is real or not, to me, it's not. But all of the comments before have good points:

    • Cheaper materials, lower price
    • Looks too ugly to be a Sony product (specially a PS3), yes it definitely does.

    I just hope that if there's a PS3 Slim, better be a good one and not this "thing"

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    red8316 Guest
    Well I hoping that with new hardware redesigned comes more opportunity for exploits.

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    CJPC Guest
    I will be the first to admit , that case, although not as strikingly stunning (matte vs gloss) would definitely keep A LOT cleaner.

    Anyone who owns a PS3 knows how much of a pain it is to keep the thing clean, any dust sticks to it - people with animals, fur gets all over it, scratches show.

    The matte plastic looks like it would prevent all of the issues above - while not looking as nice, it would get the job done.

    Personally, I wish the PS3 came in a Set Top Box like size, like a DVD player or something, just a tad bigger - it would be much better (especially for those who want them to blend in with their AV equipment)

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    Yixi Guest
    i like big one things so i prefer my PS3 as it is right now

    but my father is driving truck and he's got there an 1200W transformator (? or something like this) and its own PS2 Slim, which is playing on 13.5" LCD sometimes when he must take a stop for a rest and he wants to buy PS3 slim when it comes out.

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    MMBtalk Guest

    PS3 slim rumour

    This rumor has been on for a fair bit and those who have been waiting for the price are almost to the limit. When it happens and I think it will certainly happen because that is the only way the 30% growth in the Sony forecast would make sense.

    I think regardless of the response of Microsoft, people will be ready to part with an amount that they think is justifiable for a gaming machine. If Backward compatibility also makes its surprising inclusion then a clear message to upgrade from PS2 to PS3 will have been sent and that would be the beginning of a turn around!

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