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Thread: Rumor: PS3 Slim at End of Month, 80GB PS3 Bundle Price Drops

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    Rumor: PS3 Slim at End of Month, 80GB PS3 Bundle Price Drops

    Over the last few weeks we've heard from Belgium, French, Spanish and now Italian retailers reporting that PS3 price drops are in the works to make room for a new PlayStation 3 Slim console's arrival.

    Today an employee of a large Italian retailer has confessed the following on NeoGAF under the username zallaaa, to quote:

    "I can confirm the discount for Italy. I work for a big consumer electronic shop and we just received some bundles (80gb PS3 + Pacific Rift) that will be priced 299?.

    Also I got an almost official confirmation that the discount is for emptying the channel for the slim version which should land the 30th of August (at least we should receive it on the 30th). 399?. The color is not sure, but silver it seems."

    That being said, hopefully all of these reports will be confirmed on August 18th during Sony's 3-hour conference at GamesCom in Cologne.

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    dep3che Guest
    Yeay, Europe gets all the price drops while everyone in the US are the ones who really need this price drop. SONY WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!! Seriously... the PS3 in the US should be about 200 bucks. Then its game over for the Xbox!

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    lostrophet Guest
    Wtf are you talking about? Europe needs the price drop just as much as USA...

    Dont forget they disregard currency rates! If it costs 399USD then in Europe u will still pay 399EUR while if you look at the current conversion rate it should be around 310EUR.

    And that a low priced PS3 would mean the end of Xbox is also not only true in the US of A...

    And in my humble opinion, the PS3 does not need a price drop. I think the PS3 is well worth the 399EUR i spent on it last year

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    duchko037 Guest

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    It's time that price goes down!!

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    Europe needs the price drop more than the US. They have been paying more for consoles, games, basically everything while not getting the same amount of service the US gets. No PSN for portions of Europe, no PSN cards (which is finally changing), and usually the games come out later there.

    The PS3 is priced fine the way it is and I KNOW people will still complain about it unless it is free and gives you a reacharound while you eat.

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    GameWinner Guest
    well i think it needs a cut down at least the price should be 299.

    i want it to get a price cut becuase if mine break i dont wanna spend another 399 on one. (saying it might break because im on my 7th ps2)

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