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    zeroryu Guest

    Rumor: PS3 Slim Discovered in Micromania Database Listing?!

    As if we didn't need more confirmation that the PS3 Slim exists and is coming soon, French site Total-Manga.com (linked above) is reporting news of a screenshot from retailer Micromania's product database today.

    To quote from Kotaku on the rumor, as follows: "That shot, hosted by Total Manga and via NeoGAF's marathon thread of PS3 Slim speculation, could be easily faked. But the details are inline with recent chatter about the mythical console redesign's leaks.

    Micromania supposedly listed a September 1 arrival date and a €299 price point. That's cheaper than the current €399 model, which has been the target of retailer price drops over the past few weeks."

    The picture (below) caption reads as follows, roughly translated: "Here is a photo showing that the PlayStation 3 Slim is just a matter of weeks before being a reality!"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Nice news indeed.. +Rep zeroryu, and yep... this is just another piece of the puzzle that will soon reveal the PS3 Slim I'm sure.

    I wonder how long before someone runs across some leaked real (high-res) pics of it... then Sony will have to stop denying it.

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    zeroryu Guest
    Look at the date. It all converge to early september or late august. I think everything is starting to shift gears. Price cuts, stock clearance, and new orders.

    All rumors support the idea of PS3 Slim.

    Who cares if Sony sealed their lips about it, but at least we got the idea that it will be coming in a few weeks.

    I just need the specs of the machine to figure out whether it's worth to get it or not upgrading from non-bc 80gb.

    Anyone care to give their info about the slim specs?

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    51N15T3R Guest
    I don't understand why that one guy who posted a video of a PS3 slim at a market didn't buy it He could have sold it on ebay for a ton of profit to someone wanting to be the first person other than Sony to own one. He could have also posted better pics and listed the specs and shown the "guts" of the new slim to a bunch of websites.

    I know I'll be buying a 2nd PS3 and it will be the slim. First thing I'm gonna do is crack that sucker open and check out what's inside and take HQ pics.

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    Psychosanity Guest
    Very cool, i'm always carrying my ps3 around from friends house to friends house, a slim would make it so much easier.

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