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    I think it doesnt matter what size the HDD that comes in the box is, it would be better to get a small one an upgrade it youself, i only got the 60GB version because it was the only one available at the EU launch.

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    I think a slim-line model would really help Sony in the long run, the general consumer goes ape-shit over thin/sexy revisions of things. I know I'd love a slim-line version of the console, perhaps coinciding with 45nm cell. As for 160GB, I'm not even sure if I care since I would want to replace it anyways (750GB).

    Though I think, if this is true, it'll hit Japan way before it hits here in America. We've got the MGS4 80GB bundle coming out and I think that'll be the only revision/bundle in a while .

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    yea im going to upgrade my hdd to a 80gb as soon as i can more space the better.

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