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Thread: Rumor: PS3 set to receive yet another price drop - $299

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    Rumor: PS3 set to receive yet another price drop - $299

    According to a few posters at SlickDeals, a Web site which specializes in reporting the latest prices of various electronics products, the PS3 is set to receive yet another price cut and will go down to as low as $299 on January 28th.

    To quote: Several posters at are reporting that the PS3 may have yet another price drop towards the end of the month. Many are rumoring that a $299 PS3 will be announced on January 28. is a website dedicated to providing consumers with the latest prices in electronics, breaking the news of both of the previous PS3 price drops and the 360 price drop a few weeks early, along with the CheapAssGamer forums.

    Though it does seem early for this to occur, Sony did recently announce that the price of manufacturing of the PS3 did drop from $800 per unit at the launch to $400 currently. This is mainly due to the success of Blu Ray, especially with Warner Bros. going Blu Ray exclusive earlier this month.

    Now there are also rumors that Paramount found a loophole in their HD DVD exclusivity contract and will be going Blu Ray as well - leaving Universal and Dreamworks as the only remaining HD DVD studios.

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    aabuniaj Guest
    Man I just bought my PS3. I hope there is a price match for it.

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    Synyster Nates Guest
    Thats crap, I just bought mine too. I wonder if they will drop the hard drive smaller or if it will be like the bottom line 360. Pretty much nothing to it.

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    ArtVandelae Guest
    Most places have a 30 day return policy and they are usually pretty good about price matching within the return period so they don't get people returning items just to repurchase them.

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    jrkeitaro Guest
    Me too, i bought it on december 20, I think sony will put a lower hdd on the new version of ps3.

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    Tydog99 Guest
    that sucks I just spent 600 on the blockbuster 80gig deal

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