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    Rumor: PS3 Home BETA Invites Coming Today says Sony Support

    A member of the Official PlayStation boards recently called Sony support to ask when the Home BETA will be arriving.

    Surprisingly, the woman stated "It should be arriving today."

    The user decided to call back and this time record the call. We got the audio for download here.

    Download: Sony Support Conversation

    Download: Callback Confirmation with Different Answer

    So if the first one is true, we should be seeing invites going out today. Lets hope for the best! :p More PlayStation 3 News...

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    hope it's for real, but i still doubt about it.

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    hmm but only the beta tester can invite the normal people? The people can download Beta from PSN, only 500 copies of home for example?
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    Surprise, surprise... Confirmed as legit, see here:

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