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    Rumor: PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 Hits on November 19, 2009

    Now that we have confirmation on both the Facebook & Gamercard Colors and Cross-Game Voice Chat rumors, here comes another rumor for the next PS3 Firmware Update.

    According to Polish site (linked above), PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.10 will arrive on November 19, 2009 and include an XMB option to choose the Polish language interface for your PS3.

    To quote, roughly translated: "Polish subsidiary of Sony has confirmed to us that soon you will be able to choose Polish language interface for your PS3.

    Usually the term 'soon' means something like wait a month for the official announcement, but this time it's different. Indeed in next Thursday will be able to download the software update passes marked the console 3.10, which would make the Polish language to the XMB.

    Rumors about the new functionality was already a few, but currently we do not know yet whether with native speech will also be fired independently of chat games."

    Rumor: PS3 Firmware Update 3.10 Hits on November 19, 2009

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    Considering the horror stories about the last few firmware updates bricking some PS3s, it may be a good idea to wait a few days after the launch of this firmware before updating to it... just to be safe.

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    Nice find, I'll be looking forward to next Thursday to see what comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red8316 View Post
    Nice find, I'll be looking forward to next Thursday to see what comes out.
    Usually they hit the Sony Updaters the night before... so if this pans out (which I believe it will) then I'd expect 3.10 to arrive around 10-11PM EST on Wednesday night.

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    Big Grin

    I just hope its for the best and that it comes without bugs...

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    damn straight.. 3.0/3.01 caused so much problems.. lol.. sony won't even man up to their mistake =\

    we'll see about this one.. I'll update after a couple of days too after it releases.. hopefully this time.. it won't have problems.. I haven't even updated my ps3 since i got it 3 months ago.. haven't even gotten a chance to create a psn account

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    you're like that guy from the new ps3 commercials... get that thing online man lol

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    this will be great... maybe there is even something else new in this version besides what is already known

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    Is this going to be the last update for the year? My understanding was when 3.0 came out, that was suppose to be the last major update but there really wasnt anything major about it. More people seem to be waiting for cross chat or playing personal tracks over game tracks.

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    Hope it's worth it.

    I have a 60gb launch unit still on FW 2.6. I hope this will be worth it, because i love Tekken and i can't play tekken 6 because it requires the extreamly buggy FW 3.01. Granted 3.01 is less buggy than 3.00 but they were both an absolute train wreck, hense fw 3.10.

    All the new stuff being put in the new FW 3.10 is sonys way of saying, "Oh shoot our bad." I absolutley refuse to update untill they fix this. besides i have two hacks 1. ps2 backups from usb or HDD, and 2. ps2 elf emulators launching from swapmagic in XMB it/s awsome, plus i can still play some other good ps3 games like MGS4 prince of persia and Assassins Creed.

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