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Thread: Rumor: PS3 Cross-Game Chat Restricted to Paid PSN Subscribers

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    cyberbob Guest
    I hope it's not true because the cross game chat is a very good thing. If we had to paid, i'll will be like the xboxlive.

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    991980 Guest


    I would like the chat to be more user friendly like the 360 chat system, start a group or pick a friend and chat. I've only been using the ps3 for a few months but it does seem to be lacking in the communications department.

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    hoffmann277 Guest
    If this turns out to be true, and the voice chat is peer to peer and not through any of their servers, I can honestly say my next system won't be a Sony. That's ridiculous.

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    jimmyo88 Guest
    Personally, I would not be prepared to pay for chat and think that the whole idea of charging for something which has been free over the internet in various ways for years is ridiculous.

    What I would be prepared to pay for, say at a cost of no more than 6 a mounth, would be better, faster servers. I use Newsgroups and downloading a 7gig file on my 20meg connection takes no longer than an hour and a half. It would be interesting to see Sony look at putting Demos and Videos on servers such as these to allow full speed downloads.

    P.S. Big thanks and shouts to CJPC, Geohot, Boss, SKFU and all others involved in the scene. See far too many people doing this in hacking related articles and it just fills the article up with crap instead of useful information.

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    GooeyFinger Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by 991980 View Post
    i would like the chat to be more user friendly like the 360 chat system,start a group or pick a friend and chat.I've only been using the ps3 for a few months but it does seem to be lacking in the communications department.
    Xbox has been charging you since day one. They better have better options then ps3 in terms of online use.

    Considering the advantages and disadvantages, I wouldn't mind it being for paid subscriptions only. As long as online play in general is free, I'll take the gaming over having a the option to conversation outside the game anytime.

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    semitope Guest
    Unfortunately this feature is something that would enhance the online gaming aspect of PSN. They really are being lamers if they make it subscription only. It would make PSN a bit easier to use.

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    Tristan Young Guest
    Hell no.

    I plan to invest my money only in really good games, and perhaps the occasional add-on for a game. Why would I want to pay to chat? I can chat for free other ways.

    As much as I love my PS3, I'm not tied to the platform. If Sony wants to make mistakes that will turn their target audience off the Sony brand, let them. They've already lost me with their crappy TV's and piss-poor sound systems.

    So yeah, Sony can offer it for free if they are serious about competing with free telephony services available elsewhere. Just remember, most of us didn't buy a PS3 to talk to people. Those that actually do care about chat don't need to line Sony's pockets in order to do it. Free or forget it.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    No, I wouldn't pay for that. I want it, but I don't really need it. Lived without it for years now.

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    XiLE Guest
    Could be a devious plan

    Wait until people have almost given up on cross-game-chat, then release it but charge them for the privilege. Naughty Sony

    Could just be a rumour though

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    Zerotacg Guest
    The ps3 has just 256 mb ram, I somewhere saw a list of what takes up how much. Each feature you use from the XMB uses some ram up you can't use for the game. Most games don't even run on full HD ressolution, some lag bad or have low FPS.

    So I vote "less crap, more HD Games, good FPS ingame". No matter if the feature is useful or not, I'd rather have the games run smooth on high res then have some XMB stuff eat up all ressources.

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