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Thread: Rumor: PS3 250GB Bundles Coming, Pricing and Details Available

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    Rumor: PS3 250GB Bundles Coming, Pricing and Details Available

    A few weeks back we broke the news of the PS3 250GB Slim model CECH-2000B being uncovered at the FCC Site.

    Today Eurogamer (linked above) reports that a 'trusted retail source' let them know it will indeed arrive as early as October, as part of three console-plus-game bundles.

    To quote: "Unlike Spain, the UK will combine either Assassin's Creed II, Gran Turismo 5 or Uncharted 2 with the 250GB PS3 Slim. And each bundle will cost 299.99.

    Sony has not backed this up in writing, which is why our source wished to remain anonymous.

    Although the bundle will arrive in October, perhaps only Uncharted II - released on 23rd October - will appear then. Assassin's Creed is due on 20th Novmember, and Sony has only officially narrowed the date for GT5 to Q4 2009."

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    Waiting one or two month to have 130Go more is a good new. Hope it will be the same for France.

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    Hate to say called it - but yeah, we did find some interesting stuff - my price point was off, figured Sony would at least want to get more out of the unit. Then again, the holidays are coming up, helps with market penetration!

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