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    Actually, i don't see the point of BC with PS3. It only makes console too complicated and stop progress because you cannot change architecture much without losing BC. You can continue to use PS3 for PS3 games at the same time as PS4 for newer games.

    It's simply impossible to emulate Cell CPU on x86 CPU in real time. Putting Cell CPU as second to x86 is lame too because to much heat and high price. At the end, PS3 didn't die without PS2 BC. Most likely, very popular PS3 games will be re-released for PS4.

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    In Argentina, Orbis is a boiler'ss and oven's brand.

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    Can't wait to see it

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    *Used games are not readily run on the PS4.!!!

    because of that point, my ps3 will be the last road. I'll switch to next XBOX.

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    i will not get the ps4 till the price drops down on it i will stick with my ps3

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    But why are Sony choosing X86 over ARM? The fact that Sony is changing architectures so much recently must really annoy developers...

    PS1 = MIPS
    PS2 = MIPS
    PSP = MIPS
    PS3 = CELL/PPC
    VITA = ARM
    PS4 = X86 ?!?

    If it's ever modded at least you should be able to play some PC and some old Xbox games... and have outdated inefficient architecture.

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    Thanks for this info

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    Sony, with all due (dis)respect... SCREW YOU AND YOUR PS4!! if i cant play my ps3 games on your new system, have to register my games online before i can play them (ppl with no internet are messed) then you wont get a single penny outta me... 

    Ps: Ingame adverts? What the heck are you thinking? I dont want to see adverts while on loading screens and the likes...

    Oh and an online pass to be allowed to use your new ps4 online (if not even be allowed to use it at all ).. Users buying a ps4 used are butthurt too once again...

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    this is not PS4. it is $onystation 4. lol

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    I wouldn't expect it to BC with the PS3 seeing how disastrous the BC Ps3 was. I feel Sony wants to make it cheaper to be able to compete more effectively.

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