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Thread: Rumor: PlayStation 4 (PS4) to Debut in 2013, Codenamed Orbis?

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    elser1 Guest
    are you kidding. today's games are pretty awesome imo.. look at arkam city, binary domain, syndicate.. etc etc!

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    moja Guest
    Ironically I've been getting back into PC gaming as of late. Built a new PC for Christmas, played some stuff on it - I really forgot what it was like to have the freedom to customize software to my playing style. I appreciate an experience that isn't the same as everyone else's.

    With consoles, I really wish multiplats would embarrass each other, and not suck to the lowest denominator for the engine to handle. That's not just graphics, but physics, detail, fluidity, scale, etc. You can say it's more about storytelling, but part of making a great experience is the presentation of the story.

    Even some of the simplest games this generation that were so successful couldn't have been done the same way in the past, so I for one no longer believe it's not about capabilities. We are too used to the cycles to go backwards.

    Sony, for your own sake, because I really don't think you care about us as much as you let on, don't mess this up.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I've just lost all interest in the PS4 already, I got a 360 3 months ago and so far I'm happy with it. If the 720 can offer BC compatibility with original XBOX and 360 games I'm definitely going to buy one. If Microsoft do the same thing so with no Preowned games and BC compatibility I'll just get a Wii-U and a better PC for more "serious" gaming.

    Quote Originally Posted by kablooey View Post
    So this will be the end of gaming for me. Games aren't what they used to be, I'm starting to getting tired of playing the same games with different names, my sight isn't the same as years ago, and after reading this article filled with bad news I think that the actual generation of consoles will be the last for me.

    Some may say "if you don't like what the Orbis will be, you have other choices", I say I don't, I'm not gonna buy anything from Microsoft and Nintendo consoles doesn't have any games that at my age I want to play. So this is goodbye for me to the gaming world.
    I got to disagree (like elser1), the variety of games now is amazing. But you still got a point, the PS2/XBOX/GAMECUBE "era" or generation was the best for the amount of games and variety.

    Console gaming has went downhill from 2006 on imo.

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    young blade Guest
    PS4 sounds like an (MGS4) ID-locked machine gun..

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    elser1 Guest
    hope we don't lose you to xbox720 news heyman LOL id lov'e to take the step n get an xbox to but ps3 is good for me and ps4 will be too, i hope.. LOL

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moja View Post
    Ironically I've been getting back into PC gaming as of late. Built a new PC for Christmas, played some stuff on it - I really forgot what it was like to have the freedom to customize software to my playing style. I appreciate an experience that isn't the same as everyone else's.
    I admit, love gaming on a PC vs a console. Downsides to PC gaming is that you really need to upgrade at least once a year (maybe 1.5yrs), and it gets costly. A console has decent games for 5 years or so, but as you pointed out - the lowest common denominator. Luckily, it's not the Wii, but in this case the X360. Probably as its easier for developers to port to, MS SDK's have always been nice, they know what software is all about. Sony's getting there, but still a ways off, unfortunately.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    For multiplatform games the PS3 actually ends up being the lowest common denominator... it takes a drop of resources to do some basic anti aliasing, the PS3 doesn't have a drop of RAM to spare, it has 256MB and 256MB split while the 360 has 512MB shared and an embedded chip specifically for AA.

    That explains why so few games on the PS3 have any AA. But beyond that the RSX, a custom/crippled 7800, is weaker than the 360's Xenos which was the first available GPU to have unified shaders. The only only multiplatform game that looks really worse on the 360 is Final Fantasy 13 and to me that just looks like the sabotaged it, whether because it was due to the disc limit they set or otherwise, it was on purpose regardless. That entire game was sabotaged though, don't get me started on it.

    I forgot to add in that in the cases where a drop of RAM is available for AA, the GPU resources could be (and most likely always is) limited as well. Games like GoW3 have shown that it is possible to pull off a proper job on the PS3 though, it's just insanely difficult.

    They put a preposterous amount of effort into it and the only reason I think it turned out so well at 720p is because their original goal was 1080p/60fps. They ended up with something closer to 720p/30, but with MLAA that uses the available vector units for processing rather than the RSX which has nothing left to spare.

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    Frogman7 Guest
    In response to Neo Cyrus there are a number of multiplatform games that look better on PS3 like Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, LA Noire, Bayonetta, and number of others ( too lazy to look it up right now ). Depends on what's being developed but on average the 360 is easier to develop on.

    Also to comment on what CJPC said about upgrading your computer isn't that bad or expensive if you plan well. I originally built my current pc back in May 2007 for a fair budget of around $1400. Two years later I upgraded the processor (about $250) and a year after that I doubled my ram (about $100). Last October I got picked up a Nvidia 560 ti card for less than $200.

    I play all the latest games with my machine and they look great far exceeding anything on my PS3 or 360. That's 3 upgrades over a course of almost 5 years and I don't see myself upgrading for probably another 2 years.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I can't tell if you're serious or just trying to annoy me. Bringing up Bayonetta is like poking me with a stick to the eye. Bayonetta is the absolute worst port I have ever seen and I've commented on it repeatedly. It ran so badly on the PS3 I never bothered finish it. This comparison will give you a rough idea:

    But that's off as well, the videos are capped at 30fps and they use those in the comparison. The PS3 version in reality can lag to under 10 frames a second, that's so bad that they programmed the game to go into slow motion so it seems playable, no game should do that. While in the same scenes the 360 version would run at over 50fps. The 360 version has 1280x720 res, I guarantee you the PS3 version's true internal resolution is 960x540. The textures are horrendous as an added bonus.

    Look through that site and you'll see that multiplatform games were almost always inferior on the PS3, only as of late they've started to become more even such as L.A. Noire, they look about the same. Look at any of the older head2heads they have. TES games have proper PC versions and half the experience of those is the modding, I can't imagine playing those on a console.

    Well... I should have said they're as close as it gets to being proper PC games anyway.

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    inginear Guest
    the multi-platform games are almost always designed and engineered for 360 first and foremost then the code is hacked together to work on the ps3. the 360 versions are developed first because it is an easier architecture on which to develop. almost every multi-platform game that is given to the press to review is the 360 version.

    while the press is reviewing the 360 copy the ps3 port is being thrown together in a short time frame to be released alongside the 360 version. due to the shortened time frame, most companies do not feel the need to code the ps3 version properly so they make something that works enough that they can sell and push updates for later.

    re: bayonetta - you (frogman) must not remember the uproar and major update for the ps3 version that fixed the horrendous load times and lagging problems. i did complete bayonetta a few times (on the ps3), but my first completion did not happen until after the update.

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