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Thread: Rumor: PlayStation 4 (PS4) to Debut in 2013, Codenamed Orbis?

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    zant Guest
    Are you kidding me? An AMD X64 cpu? This is rediculous... AMD hasn't built a competitive cpu since the early 2000's. When an Intel dual core rapes an AMD quad core, that speaks volumes. The ATI gpu is a good call though.

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    inginear Guest
    looks like i'll be one of the few console gamers who will be exiting console gaming next generation. with all of the rumored lock downs (no b/c, no pre-owned, need to be online) it sounds like sony is being run more like a north korean company.

    if this trend continues i won't be surprised to hear that the ps5 requires a blood sample to make sure that the player is an authorized user of the system and game.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Using an AMD CPU at this point is a disaster, they're so slow clock for clock compared to even very old Intel CPUs that it's a joke. To make matters worse their new "FX" series (killing the old high end FX name) is clock for clock so incredibly slow that their previous generation (Thuban? I forget the code names) is far superior in actual application (assuming it's clocked to anywhere remotely close to the FX chip).

    Their flagship "8 core" (8 semi cores) just matches their old 6 cored chip which is clocked far lower in actual application assuming the program is threaded to hell and back... otherwise the old Thuban wins.

    Anyway I need to stop my rant and just say that I expect insanely inferior specs for the PS4 and I would be surprised if they even manage 1920x1080 @ 30 fps some low AA like 4x MSAA and textures which aren't terrible.

    The rumored Xbox 720 specs are horrifyingly bad, if the PS4 matches it and the generation lasts 8 years like this one... it'll be the death of innovation on the PC.

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    kavechick1 Guest
    wish there was a facebook button to click like on your comment

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    heartagram62 Guest
    I was thinking recently, when do you become too old to play games and tbh I think $ony just answered my question! When they bring out the PS4/Orbis and you get stuck with shelf upon shelf of used games that you never play and can't get rid of to the second hand market. I feel the release of the next generation console may be my bow out of gaming.

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    themobrules Guest
    inginear: I am done with console gaming after this generation too and will probably just game on my PC. I have a feeling a significant amount of people are going to quit console gaming after this generation.

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    Erz Guest
    Let's just hope that it can play mkv files

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    saviour07 Guest
    Found this little helpful guide for some who aren't really up to date with CPU stuff:

    And when you start looking at some of the benchmarks (like Batman: Arkham Asylum on max settings) you can see that a Phenom 2 x6 performs just above a dual-core i5 and just under a quad-core i5.

    So kinda just adds a lil bit more weight to what Neo Cyrus is saying.

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    inginear Guest
    i read a white paper a couple of years ago where amd explained that their lower clock cycles are equivalent to the faster intel processors because the amd parts complete more instructions in a clock cycle. i didn't fully believe it then, and the current benchmarks pointed out by saviour07 proves that amd was just blowing smoke.

    i'm sure sony is considering amd because of the cost. this decision based on cost may bite them in the ass later like it did apple with the apple 1. for the uninformed, wozniak wanted to use the intel 8080 for the design, but the cost prohibited him form doing so. he then found a friend who had access to the motorola 6800 which was much cheaper than the intel part. but to get costs down further wozniak finally decided to use a chip from mos technologies which was the same electrically as the motorola, but even cheaper. when intel ultimately became the standard, the other chips were more difficult to find and the apple 1 was incompatible with the intel parts.

    sony went the non standard route before, cell b.e., and look where it got them...

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    kablooey Guest
    So this will be the end of gaming for me. Games aren't what they used to be, I'm starting to getting tired of playing the same games with different names, my sight isn't the same as years ago, and after reading this article filled with bad news I think that the actual generation of consoles will be the last for me.

    Some may say "if you don't like what the Orbis will be, you have other choices", I say I don't, I'm not gonna buy anything from Microsoft and Nintendo consoles doesn't have any games that at my age I want to play. So this is goodbye for me to the gaming world.

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