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    Rumor: PlayStation 3 firmware 1.90 to carry new music play option?

    We've got another rumor alert for the PlayStation 3 owners, and it deals with our favorite topic - new firmwares. As guys over at the Blu-Ray and PlayStation Forums have been discussing, there's ongoing speculation that a PS3 from the recent E3 2007 was running on the yet-to-be-released firmware 1.90. Even more interesting is that this new firmware supposedly adds an option to select music while you're playing.

    Given it's a rumor, we can't really verify if this is true, although it will be remembered that SCEA Senior PR Manager Patrick Seybold recently did state that we'll be getting more info very soon. Stick around for this week, and hope that Mr. Seybold makes good his statement.

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    Interesting... we shall see this week perhaps- Thanks hunter316!

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    This will be a great option, but it would be cooler if with the new firmware Home beta goes public (that would be this month they said a long time a go)

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