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    Apr 2005

    Rumor: Official Sony PSN Smartphone Application Incoming

    A few days ago we reported on Sony's new PS3 / PSN site, and today TheSixthAxis.com (linked above) points out that it may be in preparation for an official PSN Smartphone application incoming.

    To quote: What about a PSN smart phone App that will let you log in to your account on the go, queue up downloads, and generally always be connected to your PlayStation profile?

    TSA reader bap10 thought he might enquire, asking SCEE:

    Do you think we will ever see a mobile phone app for logging into the PSN to send messages and push demos and bought items to the PS3? Or even something along those lines for the PC?

    Sony's response? Emmanuel Orssaud replied:

    "I've got another post planned for this week which should answer your questions about the app. *wink*"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Lumute Guest
    Cool, hopefully it's a for the BlackBerry OS...

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    What's the reason for buying something and downloaded it to your Smartphone ? This doesn't make sense. Although it would be cool to look into PSN store while away from home. I'm looking forward this.

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    livpool Guest
    You buy it from PSN, and then it queues the download on your PS3 so next time you turn your PS3 on the download is there in the usual place in XMB waiting for you to start it.

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    Haksam Guest
    too little too late, they really need to hurry this in preparation for the Zeus Z1 Android phone, cmon Sony, first Nintendo's waggle stick now MS windows phone 7... time to re-hire a new creativity department

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