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Thread: Rumor: Official PS3 Home release date is July?!

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    Rumor: Official PS3 Home release date is July?!

    Today multiple Spanish Web sites have posted up what is apparently a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet showing SCEE's release schedule.

    According to the document, PlayStation Home is set for release in July, 2008.

    The .xls file is reportedly an attached file sent in an e-mail by SCEE to videogame Press people with scheduled releases.

    Of course this is all just speculation until SCEE confirms it, but perhaps it's a clearer indication of a definitive Home public release timeframe.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    I am not sure if SONY would confirm such a leak, they might just deny it. Although, if it is true then thats great news indeed!!

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    Ya hehe, I just meant until they make an official Home release announcement. They won't comment on this 'rumor' directly as that has always been their policy not to comment on rumors and speculation. In other words, more waiting for us...

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    labonte Guest
    well if it does come out in july it's going to be great but we will see.

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    Giddeon Guest
    Ok, I dont have my PS3 yet - it gets deivered on thursday (Hooray!) and I hadnt even looked into that sort of thing untill I saw this thread. Had a look at what 'Home' is and it looks great!

    I'm very pleased the online gaming network is free but i didnt know this was in with the deal too.

    Do you know if there are different networks for U.S. and U.K. or can they 'see' each other?

    (Here's a link to the official 'Home' trailer from Sony for others who might want to see it

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    bigol Guest
    I think that July is the real release date, infact Sony declared that it's going to do a great announcement at E3.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    It proabably is true, I agree but SONY won't admit to it because we're not supposed to know about it yet.

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