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Thread: Rumor: New slimmer 160GB PlayStation 3 this autumn?

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    Rumor: New slimmer 160GB PlayStation 3 this autumn?

    A tech site is claiming that a well-informed insider has told them that Sony is planing a sexier slimmer, lighter weight PlayStation for this Autumn.

    They say that its likely that the rumored 160GB SKU will infact be this new version. Details have recently emerged of a new 45nm Cell Broadband engine and a smaller Blu-ray laser diode, but surely we can't expect a slimmer PS3 by Autumn?

    To quote: Sony has peddled out their usual line of 'not commenting on rumors and speculation', but that is exactly what they said before they dropped the size zero edition of the PSP.

    For now, that's all we have. But rest assured we'll be pounding the phones and keeping our ears pricked for any news as soon as we get it.

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    tabblink182 Guest
    yeh, i wonder how much that will cost

    how much could i sell my leg for ?

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