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Thread: Rumor: New PlayStation Home BETA Applications Being Accepted?

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    Rumor: New PlayStation Home BETA Applications Being Accepted?

    Rumor has it that Sony has been sending out PlayStation Home acceptence e-mails to a variety of gamers very recently, and below is a capture of one such example...

    The picture comes courtesy of HaitianFresh via N4G (linked above) for the e-mail, however, many are already disputing the fact that the date says Monday, August 12 while today is Tuesday, August 12.

    Also in question is whether Sony refer to PlayStation Home as "[email protected]" as detailed in the letter.

    If it was legitimate it would be nice news, however, for now this is being labeled as a rumor... and only time will tell. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    OMG this is some bs i sent that message to my friend as a joke and he posted it on I already alerted them that this e-mail is fake i edited it from a message sony sent me about buying a game from the Playstation Network and changed a couple of words and presto.

    A [email protected] invite lol but i still cant believe hes gave the world my PSN ID HaitianFresh its been crazy today i got so many friend request but as the right thing to do is take this down so people don't get their hopes up a perfect joke gone horrible wrong I'm HaitianFresh signing out.

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    Well, it looks like you almost got away with it LOL... but now I see N4G has de-approved the article it seems even though it got enough votes to be "live" there.

    At least it was something to post during a slower news day, eh?

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