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Thread: Rumor: New Metal Gear News in Next Week's Famitsu Magazine?

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    Rumor: New Metal Gear News in Next Week's Famitsu Magazine?

    As we all know, Kojima Productions is counting down to a reveal of a new title; the countdown timer ends in roughly nine hours, but rumor has it another will soon take its place.

    Has Japan's 7-11 spoiled the announcement for everyone? Count this under rumor for the time being, but one clever poster on NeoGAF has uncovered something quite interesting.

    On 7Andy, the Japanese retail arm of 7-Eleven, a listing has been put up for next week's issue of Famitsu PSP + PS3, set to hit store shelves on May 30th.

    Listed in the table of contents is what translates, literally, to "New Metal Gear". Could Kojima's next project be a Playstation game? He's already developed multiple PSP games, and the engine that powers Metal Gear Solid 4 was certainly not cheap to produce; it would make sense for Kojima's next game to appear on either system.

    With the countdown timer ticking away and no hints appearing as of yet, it seems the best thing gamers can do is to wait and see how this all turns out; after all, E3 starts in less than two weeks, and this supposed issue of Famitsu lands in Japan two days before the show. Rest assured, if anything comes of this strange rumor, we'll be right on top of it.

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    otarumx Guest
    The teaser site got updated with another countdown as expected, if my math skills don't fail me this one should end by May 30 at 5:40PM Tokyo time, just in time for the new famitsu PS3 + PSP release and the whole MGS5 or MGS Portable Ops 2 to be finally announced.

    Of course, I could be wrong and this counter will end and another could begin to end at MS or Sony's Press Conference at E3 or a new counter to end in 50 million years _.

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    teadiddy Guest
    why did they even bother making the first countdown end so early? sigh, disappointed

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    PSfan Guest
    We will see more at E3

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