sev1512 claims to have some insider access to a variety of news relating to PS3 Home and in-game XMB features. He says that PSedge dev kits released an update and the new Home libraries were introduced.

It is claimed that a game must be able to integrate into Home and a game must be able to support accomplishments. Moreover, every game that is coming out soon now supports in-game XMB and those already out will have to be patched. All in all Home is said to be very close as well as in-game XMB.

To quote: Anyways, very exciting stuff happened on Monday (The one that just past). The PSedge dev kits, recieved an update. So whatever, we take a look, and the major addition, was that the TRC's were updated, and the new HOME libraries were brought in.

What does this mean? A TRC is a checklist of things a game must have for Sony to approve, in order for them to give the "Go-Ahead" on releasing the game on their console. This checklist has things like: Can't crash, Load times under 10 seconds, and things like that.

Two new ones were added: A game must be able to integrate into Home, a game must support "Accomplishments". Right there, two important things, the PS3 system for achievements is called "Accomplishments", and Home is coming out VERY VERY VERY Soon.

Then, we got a changelog, and in-game XMB is almost worked out. Every game that's coming out now, supports in-game XMB, every game that already came out, has to get patched. (Naturally, only first party games will get a patch, I doubt Ubisoft is going to patch Assassin's Creed).

So yeah, it boils down to, Sony got everything figured out. I don't know what's the hold up, but from a developers perspective, HOME is set up and completed, and In-Game XMB is on the verge of being completed and released.

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