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Thread: Rumor: GTA IV Introduction Video from leaked PS3 version?!

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    Rumor: GTA IV Introduction Video from leaked PS3 version?!

    The video below from DT042908 is supposedly of the introduction to GTA IV on a leaked PS3 version of the game.

    It's of the 'dark' kind, and the game just suddenly appears and starts running.

    Real? Fake? You decide! :P


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    labonte Guest
    This video is so fake.. very dark and like you said the game just pops up out of the blue if you look at the the disc icon on the xmb it never changes.

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    bigol Guest
    I think it's a fake, no way it is real.

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    Da Mafia Guest
    Don't the Rock* and Take2 logo's normally appear before the opening video?

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    broy4686 Guest
    if its real, then it sucks. I was hoping for something a little more action packed than that

    the intro video is pretty weak. I was hoping for something with some gameplay/cutscenes, etc

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    joetje Guest
    this could be very real.. its only an introduction to the story line, not that the whole game will be like this.

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    Sarge187 Guest
    I will say fake, the disk icon should show GTA4 before the background loads.

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    zork90 Guest
    Its definitely fake! That intro is as fake as it possibly could be.

    But there are some pics on the GTA4 Map leaked... and those are very real. It shows the map, the subways and the PS3 controls

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