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Thread: Rumor: GTA IV Episodic Content Coming to PlayStation 3

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    Starlight Guest

    Rumor: GTA IV Episodic Content Coming to PlayStation 3

    Coming hot off the heels of industry analyst Michael Patcher citing he believes the Lost and Damned DLC will sell 2 million on Xbox 360 and the next full GTA title will come out next year, PlayStation Insider has received an anonymous tip.

    To quote: The tipster cites Microsoft and Take-Two Interactive's (parent company of GTA developer Rockstar) original press release about the episodic content claiming, it was carefully worded PR hyperbole, only confirming the episodic content would only be a downloadable exclusive, mentioning nothing of future retail releases.

    The game will likely be released mid-year 2010 in the storm of hype Take-Two will be producing for it's next full release Grand Theft Auto title. It will come with at least the Lost and Damned episode available on Xbox Live right now, as well as the next episode, and will retail on a disc for around $40 on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

    The source also believes the second episode will be released on Xbox Live later this year, and we also have a very strong hunch we will see some more of the next episode by this summer.

    While we have no other details, we will report them as soon as we have official information. Rockstar has yet to respond to request for information on the matter.

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    TonioLAlarcon Guest
    I hope they'll do it! "GTA IV" was a fantastic game (even, for me, not as good and as complete as "San Andreas"), but clearly too short. If the Xbox owners have the rights to have this episodic content, we'll have to have it too!!

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    red8316 Guest
    Yeah, San Andreas offered a lot of freedom, I think that's where Saint's Row 2 picked up where GTA 4 left off. Here's hoping the sandbox gets larger.

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    naveenr Guest
    man i still havent finished the first edition... and now this...

    keep it coming .. i dont want to leave GTA....

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