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    Rumor: Google TV is Heading to PlayStation 3 in Spring 2011

    According to SideQuesting.com (linked above), Google TV is rumored to be heading to Sony's PlayStation 3 entertainment system as part of a Spring 2011 update.

    Currently Google TV is already integrated into upcoming Sony Blu-ray players including the NSZ-GT1, so although the rumor is unconfirmed thus far for PS3 it does seem to make sense.

    To quote: "Sony currently provides both Netflix and Hulu Plus apps to its users, as well as Sony Pictures films over PSN. The PS3 also allows for networked streaming. It is clear that not only does Sony want the PS3 to be a gaming hub, but the premiere multimedia hub of the home as well.

    GoogleTV provides the ability to view any media at any time, web or live, something that few other devices accomplish effectively and no other gaming device can do. This is a huge advantage for Sony of they can extend Android's reach.

    With Google TV having the ability to include apps, this provides a quicker method of acquiring many of the same apps that the Xbox has (Last.fm, Twitter, Facebook) and more. The PS3 can more accurately become an "everything to everyone" product if it has access to all of the apps that we like to use already."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    google tv

    But we will always have to get the PlayTV right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luisp1nt0 View Post
    But we will always have to get the PlayTV right?
    Not necessarily since Google TV also adds internet TV functionality, so I'm guessing for those that do not have one they will still be able to view Internet TV, and for those that do have one they will be able to use the full feature set.

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    Yeah, no personal details are safe anymore. What a mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Yeah, no personal details are safe anymore. What a mess.
    Yeah... Google might even send info to Sony that you are rinnung backups ?!

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    Google TV? What will be shown?

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    It will be amazing if it comes to the PS3 then it will be far more superior than the rest and a better media centre. Hope it come to UK too we only get BBC iPlayer (which is awesome) and supposed to be getting itv player too but haven't heard anymore on that since the announcement, 4oD would be awesome they have some great shows.

    Looking forward to this hope it gets released soon.

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    Google will rewolutionize the TV market.

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    This would be good, since PlayTV in the UK is standard definition only - no HD support because PlayTV is DVB-T only and the UK only broadcasts DVB-T2 over freeview

    (I'm of course assuming GoogleTV will allow streaming of HD content from the net!)

    But - won't be much use unless it can be forcefully installed on 3.41! lol

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    Sorry not trying to steal anyones thunder I just came across something at work and i've never posted on here so I cannot create a thread but this thread seemed appropriate enough to post in.

    This isn't amazing news or anything but here's what I have. Apparently the Vudu service is also coming to ps3 this holiday season...

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