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    Apr 2005

    Rumor: Gamers Skill Level Stats in Next PS3 Firmware Update?

    According to a self-proclaimed 'game developer' known as seven-biho27 of the PS3Spot.de forums (linked above), Sony is planning on including a gamer skills level in the next PS3 Firmware update for others to see and compare with friends, based off percentage levels and trophies.

    It is believed to work by calculating how good a person is at certain types of games.

    Here is an example:

    Sevr786 (Gaming Skills)

    Racing Skills... 92%
    Strategy Skills... 80%
    Sport Skills... 0% (no data)
    Intelligence (Puzzle Probably)... 24%
    Fighting Skills... 28%

    Type of Gamer: DRIVER
    Gamers Net Worth: 4,800,200

    At the moment this is being labeled as just a rumor, but feel free to share your thoughts on it below in the comments!

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    Okiri Guest
    How they gonna know how I play a game? And what about offline games? I kinda don't believe this rumor...

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    Shrink Guest
    Most obvious fake I've ever read about. C'mon! You just can't believe that.

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    seed143 Guest

    good idea

    hope this rumor comes true. but anyway i dont believe is such rumor until the firmware came out. you know lilke the last firmware. for people who dont understand on what type of game they were playing you willl see it on the disc case, bd disc, or in the website.

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    Apr 2005


    Apparently the developer is now claiming it will be announced at "E3 2009"

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    t0mt3j Guest
    Hmm, cool idea. But a big fat fake I think...

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    simplec82 Guest

    probably a fake.

    It's probably a fake, but the right beginnings are there for it to work, just too many flaws still...unless of course you expect people just to do it for fun, and not take it to seriously, but what are the changes of that..

    Anyways, if it worked like this it could function:

    - Categorized games as shown in pictures
    - Only used games with trophies
    - Had a "point" system for the trophies
    - Added together points to get Total Points Possible in each category
    - Added trophies earned to get your percentage in each category.

    Obvious flaws there would be only trophy games; if you had only one game you could earn all trophies and stay at 100%; if you own too many games and don't care for trophies you'd have a low score.

    ** Could also work if:
    - A lot of games have a "percentage complete" when saving, if it categoriezed the games and had a point system for this percentage complete it could work with out trophies, or in combination with....

    So, just saying, while its by no means a perfected system I'm sure, it is doable, but I'd still say FAKE.

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    red8316 Guest
    I would agree with the opinion that it is Fake. Seems interesting as an idea, trophies by themselves don't hold much value, this would break performance down a bit.

    Gamers value ... thats questionable, dunno why that would be there. Value to Sony or potential value lost in the real world from playing games? The picture looks off anyway, in the way a poor photoshop looks bad but still hard to say.

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    Shrink Guest

    It's not gonna happen!

    Think about that:

    You play a puzzle game. You think it's boring and you don't wanna play it anymore. So all you got was 1 lousy bronze trophy.

    So your intelligence says 2%

    C'mon! You think Sony wants to embarass us like that? I don't think so. They are smart enough not to do this!

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    beatbionic Guest


    Given all the speculation in this thread, I'm also certain this is a fake.

    Aside from that, the photo attached to the article looks 'shopped.

    1) There is a considerable amount of distortion around some of the numbers and words indicating that they didn't belong in the picture in the first place.

    2) None of the words and numbers seem to line up in any consistent way.

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